Were you around in nineteen fifty six

For Mother Nature's conjuring tricks?

When they might have rung the warning bells

For what befell old Tunbridge Wells

That distant August bank holiday that saw

The likes of which wasn't recalled before.

And far beyond that Kentish city

The wrath of nature showed no pity;

In town and country - high and low

Piling up the heaps of hail and snow;

Three feet of cold and misery

Stretched as far as the eye could see,

Shocked inhabitants and visitors alike

Were victims of the sudden strike

Of Mother Nature's wayward fury -

Like some demented judge and jury.

Over fifty square miles of Lincolnshire loam

Became a place that flooding called home,

While home and business alike across the shires

Saw those that called it summer made liars;

West Sussex, Hampshire and Dorset too

Suffered thunderstorms that swept on through,

While, where they could, stuck drivers stayed

And strove for freedom with shovel and spade.

Just another of Mother Nature's odd tricks -

On an August bank holiday back in 'fifty six.









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Hannah Collins

Tue 18th Feb 2020 12:06

Thank you for writing this, an incredible sequence of events.
Wild weather and storms happening right now too.
A poem to remember.


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M.C. Newberry

Fri 14th Feb 2020 16:45

Tom and Po - the content of my blog is less than what actually
occurred; no mention of the damage that this event caused. Before
"global media" on the current 24/7 basis, this was purely national
news interest. Thank you for the "likes"..
BA and Itsjustmedownhere - thanks also for the "likes".

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Thu 13th Feb 2020 20:45

I remember it well...

The flood levels marked to this very day in Norwich.

The coastline around Norfolk was a scene of complete devastation

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Thu 13th Feb 2020 19:58

Really liked this one M C. And what a strange weekend that must have been.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 13th Feb 2020 18:59

Cheers, Don.
Being around long enough has the advantage of adding experience
to life.

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Don Matthews

Wed 12th Feb 2020 23:30

Oh hail MC, your mighty pen
Has struck with thunder once again
I don't remember fifty six (sorry)
Cos I was only 6+6

And I wasn't there......

Seriously, you have done a good job putting this to rhyme


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