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Hush we’re not talking about it

We have nothing to say

No we have nothing to share now

Nothing can help anyway

We buried it deep you can’t find it

And we won’t let anything slip

I can’t even try to explain how

But I’ll try to give you a tip

Just walk away, what you don’t know

Can’t hurt you or anyone here

We smothered emotion completely 

So now there is nothing to ...

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A lonely place

You’ve found yourself in a lonely place

With nothing left to lose but face

That you try to save but fail

To see the never ending trail

Of destruction from your hate

At an exponential rate

Trust has fallen, love is lost

You didn’t think what it would cost

You at the start when you began

And now I wonder if you can

Ever find a way to heal

The hurt that all but you ca...

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