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spirit assortment

Shining ever so bright
a beacon of hope, like a chinese lantern
photosynthesis get' me through the night
beauty so divine, i wonder if i could map her
would the geometry show me the light?
because she must be god's best work

my third eye look through the peephole
how can she not have walls up when she deals with these people
guide me, be my mentor
would you take my hand, and put this flower in the center
take me to the edge of the earth, and let me do a trust fall?
let our spirit make a scrapbook out of all the things our love saw?

if the minds not of the body
could they still intertwine and lobby
they say birds of a feather flock together, but we're like the beauty and the beast
could i bother you for a second at least, and ask to take a dip in the waters of your mind
so rich in knowledge, As I wade through looking for the next line
a fish is on the end, so i guess we'll just wait till next time

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lynn hahn

Fri 27th Mar 2020 18:15

Wow That is really deep. Nice work. Glad I stopped by. I read this several times. It's one that will tell more of the story with each read.

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