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You saw me, even then
you knew me
back when no one saw me
I kept no one around
who knew me
I, too, was in my infancy
and far from knowing much
in any real way at all

Still, somehow, you found me
brought books of Blake
to the shop we worked
we’d sit and read together
on the varnished wooden counter
your summer dress 
hanging from you like a sail
we’d admire the crazed paintings
taste those verses on our tongues

Books of Blake we stood before
and poured our minds all over
you said I ‘didn’t know how to do what I was doing’
I ‘didn’t know how to love who I was loving’
the cheek of it!
the incisiveness…

And you’d tell me 
of the bottle of wine you drank 
in the bath, the night before
as the water grew cold around you
cleverly planting images
that I’ve not shaken to this day
(all these years on)

You were a lush and tranquil island 
in the sea of my stupidity
you were the first mind
I truly connected with

And I still rue the day 
you slipped through my fingers
growing cold around me
then gone forever...

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Sat 8th Feb 2020 22:12

Ah! Thank you Kate, Hallielle and Jon too!

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Kate G

Sat 8th Feb 2020 12:56

A masterpiece of passion and enigma Tom. You make me want to be that girl.

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Sat 8th Feb 2020 12:15

Thank you Don! 😃 and thanks Jordyn too. Much appreciated

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Don Matthews

Fri 7th Feb 2020 02:53

So good Tom.....

As Keith I like the line "you were a lush island in the sea of my stupidity".

I like your style. It flows along so smoothly.......

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Thu 6th Feb 2020 21:13

Thanks Keith and Mika. There is a lot of poetic license going on here. Far from entirely autobiographical and intentionally ambiguous. Just a quick look at those early relationships that inform us about who we are and what we want.

Thanks Nigel too.

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Thu 6th Feb 2020 18:26

Those old flames are hard to put out.

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keith jeffries

Thu 6th Feb 2020 15:28


A wistful poem if there ever was one. Written with a gentle nostalgia and a language so appropriate. In particular I love the lines "taste those verses on our tongues" and "you were a lush island in the sea of my stupidity"..

This is a really good poem Tom.
Thank you for it


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