Broken bonds

I lay awake in bed alone with my thoughts.  

I lost all trust for the one that I loved. 

Feeling betrayed negativity clouds my mind. 

A dream turned nightmare after learning of secrets being kept from me. 

How do I process my new reality. 

Being alone is easy for someone like me,if you know me it’s not hard to believe. Would it have been better to have kept my ignorance.  

I wouldn’t want to live a lie. That would cause both of us to die inside. 

Being happy is effortless the stress comes from having to pretend. 


While walking through the darkness we shine a light to illuminate that which we can’t see, because we all have fears of that which hides just beyond what we can see 

The trust we give is that light. Allowing someone else to see nothing is hidden in our hearts

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keith jeffries

Tue 4th Feb 2020 13:15


You write with great sensitivity which is apparent in this poem and several of your previous poems also. You write in such a way as to express inner feelings and in so doing others will readily identify with you. This is a gift. This particular poem resonates with me in its intensity as I have been in such a place and am able to empathise with you.

You write from the heart which has a purity about it. Please write more. I am sure many readers will appreciate the depth of your work.

Thank you for this,

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