Valentine who?

If one were to live in the Sahara desert
Surrounded by skylines and dunes
Blessed with sand in abundance
What Idiot will celebrate Sand day once a year?

If one were to sail the oceans
Surrounded by water and waves Blessed with fish and seagulls every day What idiot will celebrate Ocean day once a year?

If one were to travel the galaxies
Surrounded by Blackholes and Planets blessed with the Stars and Moons every night
what Idiot will celebrate Galaxy day once a year?

If one were to live in a loving world surrounded by kindness and passion
Blessed with hugs and care every day
What idiot will celebrate Valantine's day every year?

If you have someone in your life that brings:
More sand than your feet can walk
More water than you can sail
More stars than you can count
More love that your heart can desire

Be an idiot and ask...Valentine who??

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Don Matthews

Tue 18th Feb 2020 08:00

I Googled up this Valentine
Thing you're on about
He said it was a girly thing
So looks like I miss out

Sorry Dewald, Brian....

You gotta kind wife Brian......


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Brian Maryon

Tue 18th Feb 2020 07:46

Valentines Day is just another commercial event. An opportunity to sell cards, flowers, chocolates etc. Many people feel obliged to buy at least a card for their partner, and I have no doubt that many do not really agree with the sentiment expressed on the card.

My wife and I buy each other jokey cards. Last Friday she wished me 'Happy Valentines Day'.

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Tue 18th Feb 2020 05:26

People who don't have time, affection and care throughout the year...I guess

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