Withdrawal Method (When Being Fucked)

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Withdrawal Method (When Being Fucked)


There’s only twenty-seven

Where there used to be twenty-eight

Some of us don’t like it

And others think it’s great

Some are hyperventilating

Cos we’ve got our country back

And being obnoxious children

With their little Union Jack


Some are crying tears

As they erase a golden star

And want a second chance

Like it’s Euro-VAR

Some are being silly

Others being daft

Europe looked quite sullen

And, of course, Nigel laughed


Donald looked smug

As his pulse began to quicken

Salivating over selling us

His chlorinated chicken

Irishmen were telling us

There has to be a border

And John was heard to bellow

Ordeeeerrrrrr – Ordeeeeeer


But there wasn’t any order

There wasn’t any sense

And not one opinionated fucker

Was sitting on the fence

You were either in or out

Or you didn’t bloody care

Which meant that you got out

And then claimed it wasn’t fair


There isn’t a way forward

There’s not a cunning plan

And it doesn’t mean you can do it

Just because you say you can

So tonight bang on eleven

As someone lets off a rocket

I’m praying that the sparks

Hit the fucker in the pocket


That Boris gets his come-uppance

For overseeing this pure farce

And he can stick his fucking flag

Up his fucking arse

You see I’m not really angry

Over what I can’t control

But I’m telling you this

If you voted for this own goal


And you start to weep and moan

Because you fell for all the lies

When the idiots can’t deliver

And you’re showing some surprise

I will ask you how you voted

and believe me, have no doubt

You will find little sympathy

If you voted out

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Ian Whiteley

Sat 1st Feb 2020 18:25

Keith and Don - thanks for commenting on the actual poem - and Keith I think you've nailed exactly where I was coming from 😉
Brian - 'Project Fear' you say - it is the Brexiteers who have shown an unnatural fear of migrants, immigrants, Johnny Foreigner and all associations as such - however I choose not to refer to that as 'project fear' I think I will just call it 'Project Gullible' 😉
MC - why don't you write a poem about it 😉
Love and Peace 😃 x

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keith jeffries

Sat 1st Feb 2020 17:32


As a fan of your poetry I am for out, but that apart I would like to say that the poem is well rhymed, humorous and not too damning of those who think differently. In a democratic nation there will always be losers and winners: it is the very nature of democracy. It is beholden on the losers, in any election, to display a sense of the magnanimous. Then to pull together for the common good.

Thanks for this. A good poem


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M.C. Newberry

Sat 1st Feb 2020 15:57

I saw a poet (well, the news said he was) being interviewed yesterday (31st January) by the BBC's Clive Myrie - offering more
negativity about departing from the EU.
Those of us who are old enough to have been there throughout the
process of joining and departing have our views on the hows and
whys - and the lies actually began when we "traded" our sovereignty
under false persuasion from the late Ted Heath that it wouldn't suffer
and watched the stealthy progress into ever-tighter politicisation of
the "project". I suggest that our own "golden" star on the EU flag
was actually a yellow star - an appropriate colour for what was
surrendered and the creepy way in which it was done.
But I bet our behaviour about that has been a darn sight
more civilised and less petulant over the years than that witnessed from the opposite side during the vote and recent moves to leave..

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Brian Maryon

Sat 1st Feb 2020 08:13

Project Fear lives on!!!

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Don Matthews

Sat 1st Feb 2020 03:50

Interesting to hear your views Ian. Will be interesting to see what happens now. I didn't realise you were a rhymer. Well done.....

I'm living on the other
Side of planet Earth
Waiting patiently to see
What Boris brings of worth

Two years I've now been waiting
Here in Underdown
Waiting for some action
Waiting Boris (clown)

What's that? He's lost?...

Maybe re-apply for Mare of London? ...

(I realise I'm far distant from Britain and my views are coloured by the media. I also write satire, at times fair at other times maybe unfair. I'm also governed by the constraints of rhyme so need a bit of rope at times......)

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