Taking Stock

I stood in a place so silent that the wind spoke to me,
It told me that it would stir the meadow grasses whether I listened or not,
That it would whisper in the branches of the trees endlessly,
That it would continue to move across the world long after I had been forgot,
I stood in a place so silent that the birds sang to me,
They told me that I would outlast their brief existence, but not their song,
And in that moment I heard them all sing in harmony,
And their melodic rhapsody enveloped me and told me I belong,
I stood in a place so silent that a tear fell from me,
It rolled upon my cheek and eased my weary thirst,
And its salt upon my aching tongue minded me,
To treasure every one from my last to my first,
I stood in a place so silent that it deafened me,
With the sounds of creation flowing past, as a river to a rock,
And there with the winds and the birds and the tears,
I silently took stock.

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Jason Bayliss

Sat 7th Mar 2020 06:51

Thanks Frances, when I wrote this that's just what I was doing, so I'm really pleased you liked it, and that hopefully, taking stock was as good for you as it was for me ❤

J. x

Frances Macaulay Forde

Sat 7th Mar 2020 02:32

You made me stop (metaphorically) and stand still to take in your words deeply, considerately, with growing appreciation...

You made me 'take stock' and I'm thankful, Jason. 😃

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Jason Bayliss

Fri 6th Mar 2020 16:39

Thanks John, I'm so glad you liked it.

J. x

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John Marks

Sun 23rd Feb 2020 20:17

Taking stock is not a sort of ending, as the common implication has it, but a weighing up that we should do repeatedly every day. And that's why I like the fine balance of repetition and change in your poem. Well-penned, friend.

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Jason Bayliss

Mon 17th Feb 2020 23:13

Thank you all so much, it's been a while since I've written anything, and even longer since I've read anything I'm ashamed to say. So genuinely, thank you all so much.

J. x

jennifer Malden

Mon 17th Feb 2020 23:03

Beautiful writing, and very moving.


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Don Matthews

Mon 17th Feb 2020 21:28

Yes Jason, beautifully done.......

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Mon 17th Feb 2020 15:03

Beautifully done and emotive.

mona s

Mon 17th Feb 2020 14:56

Beautiful visual imagery ...Poignant one

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