The Journey

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The Journey


I've just been on a journey

To farewell a dear friend

Who took a final journey

At his life journey's end


I have a pre-booked ticket

Of that there's no debate

The only thing I'm waiting on

Is when I'm told the date


The office Supervisor

In charge of ticket sales

Decides my date of boarding

Decides when I set sail


What mode of journey transport

He'll use I do not know

No-one's returned to tell me

How does this journey go?


What destination did my

Friend arrive at, make?

I guess I won't find out until

This journey, same, I take


Don Matthews January 2020


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Don Matthews

Mon 3rd Feb 2020 11:20


I seem to gravitate to light takes on serious situations. I'm not sure why but I like this side of me,,,,,,,,,

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Don Matthews

Mon 3rd Feb 2020 11:17


I could never be rude to you. I like you too much. The two apostrophes fell out without thinking. Yes it does track better how you suggest. The journey I took was 2000km to my brother-in-law's funeral which inspired me to intertwine the two 'journeys'.

I am a lowly poet
Apostrophes no clue
Jennifer, I have pet
Skip, my kangaroo

Don't believe me do ya?....


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jennifer Malden

Mon 3rd Feb 2020 10:32

Hiya Don! sad when this happens. It's HOW it happens that I find really frightening. Just to henpeck you a bit - wouldn't it be better to put 'at his life journey's end'? The two apostrophes are , to me anyway, a bit clumsy, but it's your stuff! Don't be too rude answering, please, as I am very fond of your stuff, and always read it.


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Mon 3rd Feb 2020 10:28

I like the light, inquisitive take Don. Thoughtful and moving.

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Mon 3rd Feb 2020 08:16

Hi Don - grim old thoughts eh. Personally I'm having a fry up. 👍

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