Did you hear my heart beat?
How did it sound to you?
Was it racing wildly, you couldn't even count?
Or was it relaxed, pumping with soothing tunes.

When you heard my heart beating, how did you take it?
Did you find out what you needed to know, when it started pacing?

Is this where we belong?
How our story is to start?
I wonder would tears come to your eyes,
If you find my heart finally stops.

What did you understand when you heard that pulse?
Was it that you finally realised what you are to me?
Beleive me not alot of things make my heart go wild,
But you did that.
my queen.

The heart emits an electromagnetic field,
Hence they say energy never lies to you.
Do you feel my heart longing when I'm close,
I must ask, do you feel it too?

Does it consume your every thought?
Do you feel some type of way.
I miss you even when I'm with you,
In life I hope you stay.

If you dont, then I lose.
My blood courses through my veins for you.
My heart the galaxy, it's as if I would lose all the stars.
Grieving the loss, whilst your alive and breathing, but you're gone.

They say the power of the heart, creates enough energy to take you to the moon and back.
Hence that saying.
Dance to the tune of the beats in my heart, you may never have the chance again.

Lean over and hear my pulse beating,
It speaks it's own language theres a hidden truth a hidden meaning.
Maybe then you will realise.
Exactly what it is that I'm feeling.

You may have been seeking the truth,
Or maybe it's one you already know.
Just listen to it one more time,
Before you decide to go.

My pulses are alive and going right now.
But soon my pulse may fade and leave me.
They will slowly start to diminish till they halt to an end.
Not to be heard or felt or generating such energy again.

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Paul Sayer

Thu 13th Feb 2020 18:28

..."I miss you even when I'm with you,"

What a great line this is... it sums up your whole feelings towards another soul.

Another heartfelt piece.

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