The marvellous Lidos of London 

Nowhere better to live that summer

So many bodies lifted into the sense

Of immortality, of continuance, except

My black gay friend who nearly

Ended it all in a council house. I turned

Off the gas and he managed to last

Long enough to play drums at Wembley

Stadium on a certain day. We once

Drove up to Harrow-on-the-hill

He felt ill when he saw the white and brown kids

Dressed up like the twats that  they were.

I told him they didn't deserve a minute

Of his time. And besides he was mine.

He laughed knowing I was straight.

 I had to say that love had little to do

With sex, that day or any fucking day.. 

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John Marks

Fri 21st Feb 2020 21:37

It's a simile Brian: "Dressed up like the twats that they were." So, maybe, it's the aspiring parents and grasping private schools who are the real twats. In that sense, I can agree with you.

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Brian Maryon

Thu 20th Feb 2020 08:14

Of course £40k is a barrier but whether parents are rich or have to make sacrifices to afford it it's completely wrong to call the kids twats. It is disrespectful and smacks of resentment. After all, we all do the best we can for our kids and grandkids don't we John and I wouldn't like mine to be called twats because of it.

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John Marks

Thu 20th Feb 2020 00:41

Of course! I forgot Eton and Harrow are packed full of underprivileged children. School fees of £40.000 a year are no barrier at all.

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Brian Maryon

Thu 20th Feb 2020 00:34

I lived approximately midway between Ruislip Lido and Harrow on the Hill. Not all the Harrow kids came from really wealthy families...some families made, still make, huge personal sacrifices for the sake of their kids' education. Calling them twats John suggests resentment and jealousy.

Of course at the lido the wearing of swimwear is classless.

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