Sons and brothers.

."Remembering death, I know the life of the world as it is now is not living, it is a bad process of dying. And what we must live for is a new world of life. It doesn't matter when we die, so long as we live fulfilling the deepest desire that is in us. And a life which is a denial of the deepest desire is much worse than any death, it is a sheer lie." DH LAWRENCE


I have drunk a lot of whiskey since you both died

I can no longer hide

Behind this screen of anonymity

I have stood in empty spaces

Walked along the winter beach

Stripped of everything except wind and sand and sea

I have looked into the summer sky for your blue-blue eyes

But all I see, repeatedly,  is gray-clouds a-skimming the houses

Where mummies and daddies rely on each passing day  

Not taking their babies away

And all, all I can say, in this long goodbye

Is if you could look again into my blue-blue eye

You would not sigh nor pass my sadness by

So easily.

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