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Translating the Slavic psyche is not easy, let's strip down the layers

The hiding from barbarian Ottomites, Austro-Hungarians and Germans 

For centuries, Czars and Serfs at each others' throats.

There was a Russisn actor who hid himself away- very well - but he disappeared, into a cherry orchard.

Every body is dressed in a black haze reflected against the snow:walking graves.

Down below the shaftswe sway: the abyss falls away into the darkness as the 5-year plans began

Around the terrible cliffs into the  underground mines  signs say: "There is no hope of salvation!" -

I grumble, a discouraged soul ... discouraged by atheistic fanatics, in a sort of stalingrad drag

Providence is an  invisible hand around my throat, as in Dostovesky's 'Dead Souls',

These few words splutter out, entering these roaring 2020s, 

Dressed in an abyss of darkness, I sometimes threaten these cliffs, myself,,

with an awe-full erosion, a pussy-riot of sorts,

They take little notice, I am glad

Everything is quiet now! The darkness has disappeared;

A morning-paradise ... three angels glimmering

Everything around me is breathing heaven

...and  innocence....



◄ Dappled sunshine

Sons and brothers. ►


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