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Whispers in the Dark


Some nights I will wake up @ 3

not sure if I am alone or whether you with me

I will feel my way in the dark to give you a hug

finding some comfort in the snug.


Nor sure if you are sleeping or awake

I will whisper I love you, for lover’s sake

Waiting for: I love you too…

to echo in the dark.


Some nights I will wake up @ three

sure that I am alone, you are n...

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The Animal called FEAR

Some time ago, I got a bank card with the Tap to Pay option. Negative talk and conspiracy theories that someone will scam my money just walking past me in the shopping mall made me afraid to have one, let alone use one.

When COVID-19 came, I did not want to touch anything, not the card machine, nor the keyboard to type in my pin. My Tap to Pay card was suddenly my best friend!

What happened?...

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Is mother earth trying to tell?

you, humans, made the earth a hell

Is she angry with us that we pollute?

raping the planet, always busy to loot


Whether COVID is man-made or not

created by politics, mistake or a BOT

We need to face the consequences of our ways

we need to take care of all life, if we want to stay


As we are busy writing history for books to come


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Valentine who?

If one were to live in the Sahara desert
Surrounded by skylines and dunes
Blessed with sand in abundance
What Idiot will celebrate Sand day once a year?

If one were to sail the oceans
Surrounded by water and waves Blessed with fish and seagulls every day What idiot will celebrate Ocean day once a year?

If one were to travel the galaxies
Surrounded by Blackholes and Planets blessed with the ...

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No Words to Explain

No words can explain

They ask me why, what do you see

I have no words to explain

 No reason why she is working for me 


Millions of people will be better than any reason

Millions of notions will trump her by far

 No reason why she is raising the bar 


Her smile is in the breeze of the sea

 My heart is at peace, to let it be

 Her kindness, like the waves washing ...

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To the woman in our lives

They are strange; they are not like us,

the can’t do stuff without a fuss.

We men, we just want to get it done

they will spice it up and have some fun.


Not sure why God decided to make,

them woman, the fairer of the two.

Perhaps we will never understand His take

but it is working well, that is true.


We men we don’t get it, nor will we ever understand,

what they...

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Who am I

entry picture

The earth is scattered with Billions of people. Last time someone cared to count, they said we passed the 7 billion mark.

Everybody is busy with something. Some are trying to change the world... some are using the world... some are raping the world. Others are just swept away or dragged along by the world. Mother Earth has her own problems coping with all these people... every one with his own ...

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The Place in my Soul

The Place in my Soul


It was like yesterday when I start to remember

When the face of a man, softly said-

Hey, little baby, it's Daddy here, you must wake up,

it is your first day in December


It was like yesterday when he picked me up from the tar

It is going to be ok, as he brushed the sand from my knee

Tomorrow the sore will be far


It was like yesterday whe...

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It is that time of day...

entry picture


It is that time of day...


It is that time of day when the clouds on the horizon are getting the better of the sun

The last rays are running on the water to reach the seashore before the sun dims for the day

The low tide is softly playing between the rusty structures and corroded concrete

Of what use to be a fence to tell the beach walkers, this is the end


It is that t...

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