A Love I Cannot Return

I place my hand on hers and I rub her back,

I sit there and listen,

But I can't give her anything back,

All she wants is to find someone who understands her,

But I do understand, completely, 

And a love I cannot return,

Because I'm not made the same way 

I don't have the same desires as she does,

My world is different.


And so, it is what it is,

Two lonely people sitting in a coffee shop,

Longing for something, someone,

That cannot be more than this.


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Mon 24th Feb 2020 22:24

Thanks, Hannah. Such is a common tragedy.

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Hannah Collins

Mon 24th Feb 2020 20:59

Beautiful poem.
So true.


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Sun 23rd Feb 2020 12:07

Thanks... this was written from the other person’s perspective.

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Don Matthews

Sun 23rd Feb 2020 10:43

That is so good Mika......


Sun 23rd Feb 2020 06:33

Gotcha.....hehehe 😜

Don't be upset
Things gonna be fine
Give your fate some time
Don't worry about her
She has thick fur

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