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We set the world alight

With incendiary thoughts

That burned like sulphur

Cut with lithium

A million candles

That lit every corner

Of our flammable minds

And shone like supernovas


That was an age ago

When new ideas

Were like matches

Striking on sandpaper

When the faintest

Flintlock spark

Could flash against powder

And deliver shot


Dangerous they were

Untended they blazed

Jumping from kindling

To dry grass morals

Where they devoured

Logical progressions

And scorched

What we knew to be true


Now the meadows are black

And stink of destruction

Ashes fall from the sky

Like winter snowflakes

On a December morning

Settling dirty and grey

Across the once verdant fields

of our unwritten futures


We thought

We held magic

In our hands

That could be


And controlled

When all we had

Was flame

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Jordyn Elizabeth

Sun 16th Feb 2020 03:36

I enjoyed this very much! Well done.

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Sun 16th Feb 2020 00:42

Love this! 🔥

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keith jeffries

Sun 16th Feb 2020 00:39


Another excellent and thought provoking poem. Thank you for this


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