In Search of Mermaids and Lighthouses

In search of mermaids and lighthouses

is where you will find him and me.

Seeking sea things sets us free

from daily monotony,

broken hearts,

Advil bodies.

We thrift shop with childlike wonder,

forgetting about adult things

like settling debts,

stagnant relationships,


Mermaids and lighthouses

beckon us to dive into a green-flag 

ocean of time

where life is sublime. 


lovemermaidspassionpeacerelationshipssea life

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Wed 4th Mar 2020 23:37

Thank you Cynthia!

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Wed 4th Mar 2020 23:37

Love the fantasy world Don. I think I must have been a mermaid at one time, or maybe in the next life!

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 24th Feb 2020 12:11

Delightful, and true, and well versed.

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Don Matthews

Mon 24th Feb 2020 06:41

I looked so hard beneath the fall
No lighthouse could I see
I didn't really care Vautaw
Because it relaxed me

I swear I saw a mermaid though.....


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Don Matthews

Mon 24th Feb 2020 06:36

Ah.... the fantasy world.....

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