February 2020 Collage Poem: Don’t Go Down that Street

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There’s a rumour going round that street

Pushing past their little destinies


Caught short Shakespear relieved himself against the corn sheaves

The fox startled bit the leg of the harvest jigger


The painting has little time to dry, as poets' pens begin.

To take down a street of music, blended to new worlds of rhyme.


Underneath the moon

The rabbit did not stop drinking whiskey

Next to the traffic lights


As the words fall into place

Flesh savaged and stripped

Fox moves to the city

Ship sailed, giggling while the sea engulfed me.



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Nigel Astell

Tue 11th Feb 2020 14:41

Like the red fox
who seeks out to
separate what to eat
as poets we find
what we also like
then fold the paper
after writing it down.

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John F Keane

Tue 11th Feb 2020 00:55

It is a group effort produced during the last hour of our poetry group meeting. People write down a line inspired by what they are hearing and pass the paper on after folding down their entry.

jennifer Malden

Mon 10th Feb 2020 23:49

Liked this one! Where do you get your stuff from? (Joking, of course). Apart from silly comments, conjours up a great many images, and is unusual.


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