I want to tell you how incredibly

imaginative, creative, talented

I think you are with your poetry,

writing, music, art...

but I hesitate to expose our

eggshell-covered egos, 

fuel rejection, 

ignite impostor syndrome...

all live wires 

that threaten to electrocute

our fragile muse 

into submission 

of a numbed,

comfort-zone life. 

So, instead of shouting


from virtual rooftops, 

I send silent prayers 

that your creative energy 

finds its way 

through the cosmos

to spark smoldering embers 






◄ Shadow Dancing

Que Sera ►


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Wed 5th Feb 2020 13:45

Ah, what a horrible and unnecessary set-back. I'm glad you recovered your strength and took up the pen again. Don't forget to never stop! 😀

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Wed 5th Feb 2020 13:18

Thank you Tom. 🙏 I didn’t want to admit to a fragile muse, but I remember in the beginning I stopped writing for 10+ years because the “expert” in my writing group called my writing cliche! My muse has thicker skin these days, but is still guarded.

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Wed 5th Feb 2020 12:22

Brilliant writing Victoria. "all live wires that threaten to electrocute our fragile muse". Loved it from start to finish. 👍

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