An unexpected and searing pain

I crumpled with an agonised scream

I was breathless with disbelief

I fell foward as others screamed also

People coming and going

A shot rang out in the distance

I am going to die here and now

These words rang in my pulsating head

I was turned on my back

Words of comfort were softly spoken

I prayed to God , Save me please.

Men in uniform and an ambulance

Sirens and I was transported away

I passed out, it was the end

but I came to and saw doctors 

You will be ok, it is mostly superficial

Do you have family, friends

I lay back and prayed again for help

It came in a blanket of peace

My mind and heart were consoled

I felt the touch of love upon me

I was not alone

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keith jeffries

Mon 9th Mar 2020 20:40


Thank you for this. I had no idea that you have an involvement in this ugly business. I have lived a sheltered life or perhaps when I was younger people seldom stabbed each other, except in the back. Ha Ha


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Mon 9th Mar 2020 11:17

You may have seen the recent show on the telebox 24/7 regarding a couple of recent cases we were involved with, about exactly this problem.

Welcome to my world!

The main causes are mostly drug related.
The police are vastly under funded and under manned.

The Courts are between a rock and the hard place.

This is never going away!

The true numbers are staggering.

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Martin Elder

Wed 26th Feb 2020 23:05

wonderfully written as always Keith. A pithy and forthright piece that does justice to the subject.
Nice one my friend

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keith jeffries

Mon 24th Feb 2020 11:35

Jennifer, Jon, Tom Dorothy and itsjustmedownhere,

Thank you all for your comments. They are much appreciated.


jennifer Malden

Sun 23rd Feb 2020 22:12

Hi Keith, So glad to hear this wasn't autobiographical! I just can't understand why teenagers especially just go out and stab their peers with very little reason except boredom. Also if you kill someone you are then in jail for a long time, so was it worth it?


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keith jeffries

Sun 23rd Feb 2020 18:15

Brian and Tom,

Thank you for commenting on this. This awful spate of stabbings has generated in my mind the thoughts that must pass through the mind of the victim. The sheer horror of what has happened and why me? How much longer do we have to suffer this mania?

Thank you again

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Brian Maryon

Sun 23rd Feb 2020 16:19

Wow...not a subject covered before to my knowledge.

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