To be somebody

you must have a body

some people like to brag about

their bodies

others complain about their body

some people are body shamed

others flaunt their bodies

ghosts have no bodies

but scare everybody

then there's the body politic

which is a real ugly body

a few people know

where the bodies are buried

undertakers love bodies

if you get sick

you need antibodies

there are bodies of water

even busybodies

and finally that old song

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

I have now completed

the body of this poem


there is now a body of evidence

to be used against me.


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Brian Maryon

Thu 20th Feb 2020 21:16

I enjoyed this Knapey, but not enough to have an out of body experience.

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Thu 20th Feb 2020 21:11

Everybody has got to be somewhere.

I for one will not hold it against you (my body that is)

Well maybe I will 😉


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