Awaiting the Day

I drop you a line
Hours later in time
I wait for your reply
What will it be
Excite me, please

I’m thinking of you
Please God, let it be true
You’ve been thinking of me, too

The pulsing and racing heart
Awaiting the day we’re sprawled out in the sheets
Please let us be
Like we dream it will be

Salty, sweet dreams of our bodies
Tangling and beating to the rhythms 
Flowing through the currents 
Between our curves

As months go on
We beg the question
How will it be
I pray I won’t be shy
Please let it lift us to the sky


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keith jeffries

Sun 9th Feb 2020 23:53


Poetry must never be stifled, controlled or censored or it will lose its very reason for being. I agree with Tommy on this. It is easy to step back from the brink but poets with courage always make the leap of faith. Go for it

Thank you for a good and honest poem


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Tommy Carroll

Sun 9th Feb 2020 22:17

Mika no need to tone down your verse, I have posted far more explicit work on my page. And consensual sex can be a serious business.


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Tue 4th Feb 2020 13:07

Thanks, Don, for the reminder. I'll try to keep it toned down from now on.

Tom, I'm glad you enjoyed this one. 😉

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Don Matthews

Tue 4th Feb 2020 12:42

Mika as you know by now
Frisky comments I don't do
Now our friend Tom wants frisky stuff
Frisky stuff from me and you

We gonna have to watch out Mika. Moderators can't cope with too frisky a stuff. This is a serious poetry site remember.......


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Tue 4th Feb 2020 09:54

Mika, I love the passion that flows through your work - I am all for some more frisky writing on WoL. 😃

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