Second Childhoods


As we enter

our second childhood

we become like kids again

finally free to do what we want

with fewer obligations

and far less responsibility

we don't have to report to work

we don't have to make decisions

and we don't have to apologize

we can be as free as children

and enjoy simple things

like ice cream and doughnuts

bare feet

the smell of roses

like sleeping in

or playing games

laughing and acting silly

children are in fact

what we should have remained

fountains of joy and freedom

we enter our second phase of life

with the enthusiasm of kids

let loose from school for the summer

we couldn't care less about the consequences

we can erase the blackboard of the past

to be carefree once again

without punishment or penance

no one can put us in a corner

or shame us by telling our parents

who by the way

had second childhoods of their own

but kept the secret to themselves

afraid that someone would find out

how much fun they were having

being kids again.


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 6th Feb 2020 15:59

Ice cream and doughnuts - and similar sweeties?
Not if you're diagnosed with pre-diabetes! 🎂


Thu 6th Feb 2020 13:25

now in my Third Childhood.

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