My absent companion

My absent comrade


A fickle and inconstant friend,

of whom I rarely see enough.

It’s within you my dreams reside

but without you, I feel rough.


You’re absent when I need you most,

then sneak up on me, unexpected.

Can’t you see, you’re broken and disjointed

when I need you to be connected?


But if we weren’t to meet again

I doubt that I could I cope.

I fear it might drive me quite insane

It’s clear I’d lose all hope.


I doubt that I could heal myself

without your goodnight kiss.

Even the smallest dose of you

is something I might miss.


Since I’ve not fallen, I’ve learnt to accept

you’re often shallow when I need you deep,

because I crave your company

my absent comrade, sleep.


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Thu 13th Feb 2020 10:11

Beautifully blended!!

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Thu 13th Feb 2020 06:24

I really enjoyed this one, Mark.

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