Prosaic Hell

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Prosaic Hell


I have so many poems

They wait, pile up, say “send”

They keep on procreating

It drives me round the bend


This bloody rhyme's addictive

I gotta have my words

Injected for my daily fix

It's damnably absurd


You say to me “Go rehab”

“They will de-rhyme your brain

Jack and Jill won't climb the hill

They'll prose you till you're sane”


I'm worried your suggestion

Although you mean me well

Will simply addict-transfer me

Into prosaic hell


Don Matthews July 2019

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Don Matthews

Sat 8th Feb 2020 01:56

Build more somersault poetry

I like that line Do


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Sat 8th Feb 2020 01:35

Rhyme time,
Space between lines
Fill them later
Read between lines
Goofy tales, spooky
Rehab renovations
New block under construction
Beautiful day
Keep your mind awake
Spill more words
Build more somersault poetry
Keep writing
Divinely healthy

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 7th Feb 2020 17:01

Will posy prose make it a crime
To use the brain to create rhyme -
Creating charges aimed to stick
And see you sitting in the nick?
Meanwhile, you can take yourself to bed
And lay to rest your busy head! 😑

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