I wandered lonely in the crowd

That ebbed and flowed in overspills

Some striding upright:...others bowed,

As if overcome by nature's ills.

Across the the street,

My heart stepped out to join those feet..


Downtrodden or well-heeled, shoddy or fine, , 

Each seemed to wink as if to say

You're not alone - come join our line

Here is where you need to stay

Ten thousand or more I seemed to see 

And I knew this was the place for me.


Street lights around them seemed to flash,

Outshining the stars in the heavens above

As to and fro  they'd dawdle or dash,

Like lovers loath to lose sight of love..

I looked - and looked...with just one thought:

To join the throng that fate had brought.


Now, when i lie in bed and dream -

The images of that scene i see

And I'm taken back to join that stream

When London town first greeted me;

It's then the pleasure of that find 

Returns to fill my restless mind.







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M.C. Newberry

Thu 6th Feb 2020 16:18

Thanks for the likes. It was a fun challenge to follow the format and
adapt it to another (London) scene.
In that regard, I was minded to give this the title "Daffy in the 'Dilly", a nod to the 250th
anniversary celebrating the poet - and his.
famous poem about Westminster Bridge.
Maybe the latter could be adapted to a poem about a mountain ridge I know?

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