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I Can Be Good (Z)

With each and every prose I think of new things to outpour onto this page. Ideas and feelings flow through me, conflicting, and most of the time I am ok.

I've been sober since then; nothing helps this anymore. Every day starts out slow, in a haze, then I feel ok and content and myself for a few hours. Once noon rolls around, my heart hurts, my stomach turns, my head spins, and I leave class to ...

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adhdbipolardepressionlong distancelong distance lovelovepolyamorouspolyamorypsychpsychologyzach

attic space


the attic space
is a crawling space


with spider nest homes
and house fly homes


there are empty boxes
filled up boxes


of odds and ends
that never end


some carpet pieces
lost jigsaw pieces


kids toys for the next


keepsakes from the past


why am I here?
well that’s not so clear


I see the time has flown
the bulb has bl...

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Also by Colin Hill:

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the day Charles`s mask fell off

The day Charles`s mask fell off.


Charles Rose, a predator? He looks so harmless

on the screen, a person of high intelligence talking to Psychiatrists

like he was one of them, and then he does THIS!”

Men are more predatory than women it is an instinct, look at

the lion, why it kills little lions, yeah that is what I mean it is stupid

But a lion wants all the lionesses, that`s...

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Poet's Retreat (1)

What drew my eye

was the scant advertisement,

Poet’s Retreat available

on a route du vin,

followed by a telephone number.


On arrival amidst the vines,

a coverlet of green corduroy,

I was surprised to see

you lived on your own,

in such a sprawling cottage,

apprehension and relief

balanced precariously on your brow,

a weighed smile that whispered welcome



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Also by Graham Sherwood:

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Excuse my hand

entry picture


A term I seldom use

Summer clothes

Packed in tight


A voice declares

"Doors closing"

Faces forward

Such quiet

A hushed phenomenon 

What would our ancestors 

make of this crushed


Strangers allowing strangers

thier Intimate space

Expelled air 

The body's breath

A nervous cough suppressed 

A weary sigh

eyes meeting 


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What Comes Next

What Comes Next


The imponderables fixate us

as we reach out beyond our existence

For some it does not bear thought

Yet it remains a mystery unsolved

We see with clarity of evidence 

our earthly demise

and decay bringing us to nought

Do we possess an indestructable spirit

which continues, but to where

Is there a destination or other dimension

For what purpose w...

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My Dear Muse of Writing!

My dear muse of writing! 
Why have you turned your face from me? 
I crossed the horizons of my imagination, panting, 
But you were nowhere in sight, i stretched my hands and found that you had left me! 
Had I been so bad at this that you thought you were wasting your time with me? 
Had I been so ordinary that the spark you searched for was nowhere to be seen? 
Maybe I'm not what I thought I ...

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Backwards is forwards

covered up in a lie

Falling is flying

whilst not feeling so high

Perspective is tricking

your stubborn minds eye

Til you get to the part

where you don't have to try.

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Also by Natfastic:

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entry picture

Everybody’s doing The Tax Evasion

(Come on, baby, do some tax evasion)

Stashing all your cash abroad and fleecing the nation

(Come on, baby, do some tax evasion)

So be like Lewis Hamilton avoiding tax

We’ve scams to offset yachts and planes and Cadillacs

So come on, come on

Do some tax evasion today;

You oughta hide your cash away.

Come on, baby

We’re lax, so lax


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Also by John Coopey:


Seeing Dying

Today I helped someone die.


He didn’t die at home,

But He didn’t die alone,

He didn’t die in pain,

And He had no discomfort,

He just slept, and He slept,

And They wept, and They wept.


The Love Ones close by,

I saw all of Them cry,

And I did what I should,

and I did what I could,

And He slept, and He slept,

And They wept, and They wept.


At the e...

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Also by Beno:

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Who have I become

I like who I’ve become.

Really. I’ll tread all over you

Your ego, wrapped in arrogance 

Your idiocy is supreme, your delusion astounding 

You disgusting, pathetic freak, you. I pity you

Your aging face is falling, falling in grace

Beauty is in your thoughts, idiot!

Running after the unachievable.

I see through you, no longer fooled 

I like, no love, who I’ve become.

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Also by Parul:

Illicit | Waiting | Done | Mean |


hands clasped

in desperation 

eyes wide open

in elevation

vapoured words

for Inhalation

whispering lips 

of exultation 

a soul set 

in exaltation 

with belief

these words


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Monochrome Secret | Death of Belief | cut copper | Seeping River | pigeon |

Story of my month (16)

Going out for meeting with a fellow colleague
To discuss about sales and the next big contract
Setting up after work for private interact
As he likes his whiskey, to share in this intrigue

I'm in my business skirt, looking pretty and smart
And I arrive to greet with a serious handshake
But he offers a hug which throws a stomach ache
As we prepare to talk to savour money's part

As he st...

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Month story

Carbon Dating


look at that photo on the wall

taken one hundred years before

woman and man standing tall

no clue what they were in for


chose you out of a line up

silent when you were rounded up 

stamped to a timeline  

nineteen twenty-four


look in her eyes

see something familiar

something about the way

she drives you around

as if she knows you


worse than...

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Milestone or


Holding me back


Propelling me forward?

Measuring my progress


Reminding me of missed opportunities?

A rite of passage


A gift drowned in the middle passage?

A lost visage of my lost cultural heritage?

How do I know when I am a woman?

When does a man know to begin to desire me?

How do I nam...

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Also by Dyphrent:

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Who are they? Those who tresspass against us.
Why are they here? In the dream it is I
treading down silly wire fences
and it feels good. I follow 
where only clouds can freely go.
In the dream all the people
who feel good are treading down fences,
pulling down walls to make bridges.
They feel good, being good.
They follow where harmless clouds roam.
In the dream I believe there are ...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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A invitation /corner of the sky poems


It was

a heavenly


of sorts,


and I 


it gladly,


to be

the child

on the


to your




until the


of your


in the


beneath us




and I

was cold

and it

was dark


and the

air that

I struggled

for was



and the...

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Also by david patrick simon:

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What If.......

entry picture

Why are you holding on?

What are you holding onto?

Is it fear of the unknown?

Being alone?

Losing a happy home?


Bathe in the moonlight

embrace all possibility 

We all start dying at birth

It's whats in between that

measures our worth


Feel the last lovers

last kiss upon your lips

Do you not want this?

Is this not what we are?

You would destroy the...

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The daily cycle, 

The Monotonous grind,

The constant desire just to unwind.

When everything but that occupies your thoughts,

Life is but a burden,

Of that I am sure.

Whether you remember or not,

It's release is so sweet,

Not once more,

But a twenty four hour repeat.

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The rhythm of the trees

The music of the axe

 can be heard half a mile away

singing and swinging

As it falls and bites

The even rhythm of sweat and spittle

In the big gnarled and calloused hands

Marked with drizzle from sinewed flesh

Every blow counted across

Arms legs and back

revealed being almost as old

As the tree, itself

among great searing knotted oaks

That look on through noddin...

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Also by Martin Elder:

Dance of death |

The Door

We’re sitting back to back,

So close,

Yet a door is separating us. 


Our heads leaning back,

Touching the same place,

Yet a door is separating us. 


We’re both crying,

Wanting to hold one another,

Yet a door is separating us. 


Neither one of us knows

That the other is doing the same thing

Because the door is separating us. 


Neither one of us


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Also by Ryn:

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Epilogue for a friend

One day he just slipped off the page

must have emptied his brain

or closed up some valve

maybe he’d had enough of spilling himself

walked too many salt-washed shores

sailed too many oceans

said too many farewells


The smudges of his life had faded white 

there was no goodbye no last hurrah

all had seemed so normally mundane

there were little signs of aggravation


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Silent words

When you are in darkness, 

I want to shine light, 

If you are tired 

Lay your head for a time, 

this too shall pass my dear, 

I will love every part of you, 

Even your shadowside, 

For in doing so I embrace myself, 

all our mistakes 

are lessons. 

Leading us to Eden, 

To destiny, 

to healing and union. 

Do not hate yourself.  

Or be afraid of silence, 


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Also by Nicola Byrnes:

(untitled) | Mountains | Crazy Diamond | Moonlight. |

I'll get back to you

Five words can be all it takes to set your mind at ease for a while.

Great, I'm not forgotten you'll think.

I am of interest.


But time passes.


Time heals all wounds?

Time brings with it opportunity for worry.

Time is the enemy of the impatient.

Time feeds the anxious like oxygen feeds a flame, fuelling the panic until it burns so brightly it consumes everything in it...

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Also by RightInTheFeels:

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get back to youpatienceTimewaiting

A Storm Was Raging

I woke this morning
 before dawn
In the deep
 quiet of the night.

A gentle breeze was telling me
 "Go back to sleep"

But I was restless.

I rose thirsty, thinking of water
 but found myself walking
Past the kitchen,
 to the back hall.

I put on my sandals and left.

Walking east, I marveled
 at the brightness of the Morning Star
"Phosphorus" you had called it once;
 it seemed...

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Political Correctness

PC gone mad?

PC seems sad

Things that are correct

and those that aren’t 

What you can say

and what you can’t

Regard somehow

it seems quite scant

We admit to being wrong

Even in the words of songs

People mocked, derided, upset

But what you see is what you get

Wolf whistling and winks

Advertising of drinks

Saying what you really think

Are all hovering on ...

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My Birthday Wish

On my birthday I used my only wish on you
Cause your what takes my breath away
So one day I hope you find your way back to me 
So I hope you sleep well

Because I've never seen anyone smile like you
Just seeing my face you light up like a Christmas tree
So who in the hell are you trying to events
Cause I've been sitting in this chair 
Just trying to make you understand that I love you


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Also by Damon Blackery:

The Waiting Man | Letter To April | Not Alone | Good Morning Sunshine | Forever Girl |

Zimbabwe, November 2017

Zimbabwe, November 2017


I'm not a fan of coups

But if this one ousts Mugabe

Then, woohoo!

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We Shall Remember

entry picture

41 million casualties since the war began

John Condon among them, died like a man

He was only 18 when he met his demise

Ypres, Belgium he finally closed his eyes


We shall remember


He wasn’t the youngest to serve in this plight

In Serbia Momčilo Gavrić claimed that right

Promoted to corporal instead of being at school

At eight years old he was the armies fuel.



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First world warremembrancesoldierswar poetry


entry picture

you fit tightly around me
chosing to be close to your heart
holding you closely in my arms
praying never to loose you again

every second of a minute
every minute of an hour
every hour of a day
squeezing memories forever

never will yesterday be the same
for now is now that feels so great
to seize everything good or bad
nonetheless, all of this is worth it. :)

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My Angels Casket

The Saints even have a diabolical laughter as they watch my Angels cry. This Halo of Death has become the horror of my mind. Anguish has but a shrill scream that exposes my grave. Is it true, I will be buried alive? Chocking on the chains of my Angels Casket, gasping from hidden Sorrow, my Reaper shrieks from within. Dancing with his glee awakens the Beast. Volatile is his character. Shards of gla...

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Give us our own laws back . Give us our chance . A chance to put things right . A chance to show all . How to treat and to give . How to fix and mend . To be brave enough to . Repair our children's faith in us . To be able to say no to agression and rape . To send back the Murderas . The cruel who dictate . Help us find our freedom . By restoring our faith .

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Also by Wendy Higson:

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Distance helps put things into perspective


One can finally see things and people as they truly are

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Also by Wardah:

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Where are you Hope?

The days grew lull and lull

So did the yellow walls

Trapped in them was a beautiful soul which had

Dreams that got faded dull

Wondering if she got stuck in the fall

Satisfying the needs of her faithful

Alas! Sighed her ambitions in dismal

Is this the fate of every girl Trapped in the strands of marital tinsel?

No! Shouted the relentless hope from the dark tunnel

"I may n...

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It Was Midsummer

It was a funny thing

Because they were together

But they were divorced

And he was dying of a terminal disease,

Then she went away on holiday

And left him there

And he turned to me.


I gave him my phone number

Because I was always out

And he couldn't crawl along the corridor

To my place

For nothing.


He was thin,


I think he had a colostomy ba...

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Also by Hannah Collins:

The Unknown Soldier |

The Dresser

From the front at least

A beautiful victorian dresser

From behind

The ugly truth

Assembled from wooden orange crates

The company name stamped

Telling of a former

More humble existence


Two little drawers

One at each side

Gunmetal latch handles

Age worn

From opening and closing

Hold family secrets

Make up

Lipstick stumps


Snaps from Blackpool ...

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AcceptanceChildhood memoriesDadFamilyMumSafety


We've all known for ages that we're slaves to

the machine.  Without revolution.  No

appreciable protest.  All of us -

pretty much - continuing our blinkered

slavery with implied acquiescence.

Outside the machine is such a scary

place.  Our machine, we know, is merciless,

harmful and unstoppable.  And so much

damage is done by our creation.  We

are the parts of the machin...

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Also by Rich:

About our world | Quiet |

Love passes with time

Time passes on and on

Every second that has gone

Having you by my side

Love you gave me never seemed to die

With time that flew

With every kisses u blew

You had always been mine…..


Wanted to hold your hand the day I saw

You sitting in the middle of all

Had no voice to say hi

Couldn’t move to say

Whatever deep inside my heart that lay

Only looked at your fac...

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Come away with me sweet innocent.

Share a pillow full of dreams.

Together we’ll ride dragonflies through rainbows,

Exploring worlds, bordered only by our imaginations.


We swoop over dinosaurs, silent as butterflies,

Unseen, yet close enough to feel their steamy cabbage breath.

Their stripes and polka-dots dazzle in the everlasting sun;

Giant kaleidoscopes of kindness leav...

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Also by Rob J Mann:

Wasted Trees | Haiku: Personal Ads | Haiku: Poisson |

Silent Noise

On a cool summer night when there is no breeze blowing

no horns or cars whizzing by

nobody talking on the sidewalk

no engines running


I am alone with my thoughts

and for a moment I forget who I am

I forget I have been murdered by my memories

and I realize I would give up every good thing in my life

just to forget the bad from before

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Another Day

Monday, work day,

Need to earn your pay day

Weekend was okay day

Wish it could have stayed day


Tuesday, blues day,

Seems like lots of queues day

Weekend is too far away

Enough to turn your hair grey


Wednesday, some say

Middle of the week day

It’s a gloomy grey day

Almost like it’s doomsday


Thursday, better day

It’ll soon be Friday

Watch the ...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

A Bee Meanders | Early Train |

Nearly a haiku

The advantaged advance.

As they supply the music

"It's a fine romance."

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I look at the little boy




in his world

I want to



and make his happiness


I look at the little girl




in her world

I want to console



take her fear


Different lives


as one

Can it be done

fulfill each one?

Him so insecure

Her so afraid


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Also by lynn hahn:


don't burn.

to you,

i am nothing.


every memory

every laugh 

every smile

every tear

every mistake

every argument

every compliment

is nothing.


i could never compare

to weed

according to you.


i could never compare

to autism and down syndrome jokes

according to you.


my love for you

the fact that you're my best friend

the things you've help...

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Also by m.k.:

maybe, I.J. |



betrayalburnburnoutfirefriendshiphighschoolhurtletter that will never be sentlongmessmetaphorold dreamspainpoemweed

five courses.

Stop spinning me around like a bottle at a party. 

I'm too dizzy to keep up with your late night decisions.

I wish you would stop putting me on the back burner because you have a new meal to eat.

I wish I was the bottle before it was drank and spun. 

I wish I was your only decision.

Make me your main course.

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Also by Maria Renea:

Drunk | absent | Cheating | I can sense goodbyes | November |

The Ballad of the Classroom



I’m going to burst, I need a pen,

I had it first, say that again!

I’m feeling sick, You got a tissue?

Watch this trick, I heard her diss you…


It’s boring this, I hate this school

Can I see Miss, I play the fool.

I always leave before the end

I just sit here, beside my friend.


I won’t change seats, you can’t make me

What ...

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Also by mike booth:

You're Fizzy | the Oyster Dreamers |



Target practice

We learned so fast

To hurt each other

As children do

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Also by Chunks and Marrow:

To the Fools |

On The Other Side

On The Other Side



stagnant darkness snakes the sky

shadows a silence lullabied by

those still allowed to sing


the echoing sirens who tied our hands

prescribe a quiet time

slow down they say

weave space to dream

but there is nothing left to dream of


to dream we must disturb

the choking


scattered crumbs

that led us like hungry child...

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to you stranger

offerings of respect

and hope

that the unexplored

between you and I

can bloom

into revelations

and take us

beyond all familiarities 


by shadow curtains

of stale somnolence

hanging in the windows

of ancient rooms


with items

of wearied routine



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swimming with loan sharks | something less glorious than mud-mud-glorious mud! | Vesuvian'ish | as though there isn't enough shite in our oceans!! |

A Fistful Of Beautiful Memories Turn Me To Dust

The galaxy of the heart also pierces
on beautiful memories..

Pipette starlight buds open
Atemporal filaments spark and flower
Rekindle the There-Here Duality Mrs
Time's double-slit ricochet tickles
the visitation re-flash miraculous 
         often disconcerting ~ thus vanquished
The swerving memory lens 
swivels one-eighty
and simultaneously back

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Also by Suki Spangles:

A Notice To All Interested Stakeholders Of This Blog | Afterimages In Space |

Sheldon the Shoe-Brekker-Inner




Sheldon the Shoe-Brekker-Inner


Sheldon was a shoe-brekker-inner

The only job he’d ever had

He charged a quid a mile, for brekkin’ in shoes

A trade that he’d learnt from his dad


He’d do brogues, or loafers, or wellies

In sizes from eight to eleven

And when times were hard, and work was tight

He’d even consider a seven


There’s a Native America...

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Our comfort

The fat beneath your chin is not a sin, the fact your not happy in your own skin is the perfect place to begin. 


Thin doesn't define you, yourself will never find you, all the while we hide from our true value.


Size is judged differently through different eyes, this should not come as a surprise, look inside to find your true beauty, look not at muscle size or "booty", speak truthf...

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Also by Luke:

A positive step |

who wonders

do any of them 

miss me?

do they regret 

that which never happened 

do they remember? 



it's probably just me

who does 


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Also by Jenn:

tell me | is there | Prada |


The GOD  APP is very comforting

for those who seek to find

covering topics for the otherwise blind

opening your eyes to the wonder of LIFE

as it tries to keep up with discoveries

such as this new app


simply download online


select your harmonic colour

(favourite) for screen compatability

and empathy maximisation


GOD will speak with you...

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Also by ray pool:



One day, perhaps, he will let
me live, see my springy wrists
are bandaged in white florets,
see that I am ready for my
wedding, or my coronation,
not forget I have a heart,
albeit a ragged nest the sparrows
borrow from to build their own
in my arms, in my shadows.

O I have such weathers in me,
I flounce and foster summer
storms, know the hurly-burly,
the toss and turn, my feet at a...

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Also by Tony Hill:


Forget the Fantasy

caught up in a moment
feelings turn into actions
with hesitated movement
yet so full of intentions

when did it start or begin
we didn't know
where would it lead us
we didn't know

all we knew was to let it happen
to kill all of our lingering curiousity
to never question the what ifs
to lose the control we've maintained

the answer was always unclear
yet we could feel that it's rea...

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entry picture

When they were out,

she was in.

They used to shout,

and she clenching.

She was called,

an orthodox.

and they wearing suit,

with shiny boot.

Her repute was made,

as a gloomy shade.

But you never know,

when wind will blow.

As you sow,

so shall you reap.

She won't let go,

her sacrifices to seep!

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I write this on a rainy day

i guess you can never take the pain away but

what matters most is what the pain teaches you,

something deeper than the ocean

it makes you realize the real you.

They say pain comes from the truth and the lie

was invented to cut a corner and make everything seem

smooth but in my experience the lie is the truth and 

the truth is the lie because I te...

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Missing Out

entry picture

Sneaking out at night to lie with your virgin girlfriend under the stars.

Seeing her face in the crowd at your High School football game.

Having a huge group of jock friends.


You never experienced any of that.

It's over. You lost at life.


Time to man up and become a provider.

Time to downsize and save for retirement.

Time to Gillette shave your face and become...

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Relationship karma

Let’s say it was a winter Thursday afternoon

like any of the million winter Thursday afternoons

when I’d come home from work

just after you’d come home from work

and you’d gone over to the window

by the silent stereo sitting in the corner,

to close the curtains, to close out the torrid day.

I was standing in the doorway with my old brown coat still on

but this Thursday even...

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Also by David T Jones:

Wistful @ Wittering | Beatification and snacks |




I’m hard-up, poor

I look it

So I keep my head down

And shuffle, carefully not touching

Beautiful, clever people:
They must be

Beautiful and clever

To be so rich


Thank God – - -

Is there one? – - -

I’m not yet about to

Sit outside McDonalds

With an open cap

And a dog


Summer’s good: nice and warm.

Winter’s better.

I’m shamed.


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Also by Dorinda MacDowell:

Her Present Darkness |


Tell me - who's your equal in terms of "health"?

Tell me - who's your equal in terms of "wealth"?

Tell me - who's your equal in terms of "living"?

Tell me - who's your equal in terms of "giving"?

Tell me - who's your equal in terms of "gain"?

Tell me - who's your equal in terms of "pain"?

Tell me - who's your equal in terms of  "caring"?

Tell me - who's your equal in terms of ...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


i am very far

but here is a softness

bruised knuckles brushing ears of wheat

a slight refrain

a ponderous disintegration of viola and clarinet

and gregor woke one morning as something alien

a mystery, clad in chitinous jade and with feelers, many eyes

could i be this burden to you?

a cloud passes the window

something pillow-like, nebulous

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Like a moth to a flame

entry picture

Myself I have to blame
After declaring“I have severed
Our relation, intolerant to
Her theatrical and self-seeking love game!”
Back to square one, under
The pretext of sympathy, of course,
Buckling under her sight and voice
I acted the same,like a moth to a flame!

Though my siblings and friends
Advised, “A leech, if she has no other intent
Then, inconsiderate, she'll bleed you dry

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Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

What a lesson? | Psychological dome |


bittercukoldfoolloveunfaithfulwasted lives

Before dawn

Before dawn.


All the locking mechanisms went missing and the guns have vanished along with them.


Fumbling-dumbfounded-investigating the metal loops where pins used to hold secure--but now the doors have vanished too!


The crisp, grey winter air bites like growing alarm and there a beautiful female figure takes slow shape from the desolate wood; encompassing what once was an ...

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Also by Brent Cameron:

One | Free |

Sadie Davidson - council home and silent

entry picture

Council House and Silent" is the raw and unsettling debut spoken word album from urban performance poet and poetry slam champion Sadie Davidson on Spoken Label.

Recorded at home in her airing cupboard after spending months in a hostel with her partner and two small children, "Council House and Silent" is a truthful, heartbreaking and highly provocative window in to life in Britain's underclass.


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She who seeks shall find,

Tasting the fruit of essence

She becomes alive!


O wild wombman, I see the passion

I see the stars in your eyes

The dreams, the hope -- hidden deep inside


It took a lot to bring you forth,

Shedding the layers, I so carefully placed around me

Breaking down the walls, exploring myself

Deeper and Deeper


Then I realized,

You are ...

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Also by Gabrielle Renee':

Untitled |

The Sound that Destroyed a Room

Bing bang boom 

The lie was discovered in the room

Bing bang bong

All those that believed are gone 


What once was said can not be renewed 

Let this be a lesson for all of you 

The danger was not with the truth 

But instead the darkness that consumes 


Filling you up with your thoughts and connecting those imaginary dots 

Instead of floating higher, your pulled d...

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Also by AmyLogan:

The “Great” War |

Leaving Upton Park

Sometimes we’d win and we’d all go berserk.
But the bubbles have burst since we left Upton Park.
Hurst, Peters and Moore, an honest days work.
Sometimes we’d win and we’d all go berserk.

Sometimes we’d lose and we’d all rant and rave.
A tear up on the terraces, give the enemy a shave.
“West Ham until I die, until I’m in the grave.”
Sometimes we’d lose and we’d all rant and rave.

“But we’...

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Also by Ralph Dartford:

At the Arts Council in Manchester | If I Could Take A Day |

The Humble Heart of the Craftsman

I have always hankered after the life of the artist - including the world of the visual arts. In retirement I have the opportunity to follow that yearning.


The Humble Heart of the Craftsman


As corruption sheds its sting when seen

from lofty heights,

so humility shows its mettle

in the steady care of the gifted creator;

turning one's gaze from skilled hands

to the thi...

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Also by Chris Hubbard:

The Quiet Soldier | Pavane | Tone Poem | The Imperfect Gardener | Sun - Kings |



Winter from a Window

The empty stems of the fennel

Under umbrella heads of raindrops

Are perches for the waiting birds


The grey green sage leaves

Glow crystal white in the frost


Moss grows where the branch

Leaves the trunk of the bonsai

Its ruddy leaves falling


Amongst the yellowing leaves

A single crimson rose bud perishes


Yellow leaves have fallen from the dogwood


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Also by Chris Armstrong:

Parallel Echoes of Love | Ancestral | Three Haiku | Microcosm | Zen Reflexions | Above the Valley |



To Poets, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newman, Sorry, James

Where starts

this obsession?

Surrounded by words, lines,

How can one just explain all these




Under Milk Wood,

Or Armitage, perhaps.

At school with War poets, Shakespeare,




prose with the late,

Great Brautigan. Hearing

McMillan's radio programme,

The Verb.



poetry’s Peel?

Does poetry's appeal


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Also by James Dust Jacket:

Rose Tips/Undesired Destination |



I remember her eyes

ever gone a grip sudden regret

I never wanted to go I tripped can't forget

Still absent in a void once you were there

long hair across my face  you made me aware

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In the sponge of fog and lamplight,

the amber umber and a Sunday roast;

I am safe in the jungle, at last, I feel her

hurting and kick leaves, I drop my can of

petrol and caffeine unthinkingly and keep

walking, this is the one place that doesn’t mislead

but does present the dichotomy of a dozen misdeeds a minute;

the graffiti’s image gratifies, it satisfies that lesser men...

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entry picture

I accused her of pinching my dinner

She said "you think you're a winner"

But how can I love some old schmuck.

Who can't even defend his crisp duck!


( for reference see `N'Shya....and me`......posted 9th July 2017)


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November 2017 Collage Poem: Frozen

entry picture

Gossip is simmering internal fathoms deep

So crazy for you I’m petrified by love


Witches watch the children cry,

As the jazz man freezes at what is here,


The Tesco Ghost floats like a butterfly

But gets stung by a speeding lorry


Freezing weapons like bullets

Then swallows wanting to come home


Crazy one-upmanship,

Leaves no more to be said

Frozen in...

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Novemberstockport collage poem

For a moment (Lyrics)

I want to find myself lost in the panic of a moment

Want to feel my heart skip a beat

When I see the girl of my dreams - staring at me

Yeah - Staring - smiling - right at me


Yeah and the moment will feel so real - but it will be like a dream

And we’ll feel so light in our moment

Like we’re standing on the moon

Yeah like we’re standing on the moon


And it will be li...

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Also by 220August:

Seduce me | Missing you from me | Fall and Foster | Now Julie says man | When Our Song Becomes a Prayer | To Evona From Corbin |


lyricsRomantic poems


With whom are you?

not with me.

How far

have you gone

from me?

With her

you are now

not with me.

How near

is what I fear to me?



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Also by jennifer Malden:

Perceptions | The boyfriend |

Twisted circus

When a mother has a son 

She's supposed to be the boss 

Teach him how to be respectful 

So in life he isn't lost 

However in their family circle 

He's the one who's in control

And she allows him to be in charge

Though he's just 19 years old

A woman in her late forties 

Should not be treated this way by 

Her son that manipulates her 

You're scared of him don't lie


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Also by Charlotte Bergman:

Tainted memories |

That Clear Day

& I stroked her leg she said stop yer giving me sensations

I faltered at her temptations

Smoked a cigarrette

Burnt my regret

An offering I overplay

& I saw the clouds roll in on a clear day


& I’m hurt

& I’m torn

& I’m ragged 

I’m alone

& I Iead myself on

With no fucking collar on

A walk round the block

No bags big enough to pick up the shit that I drop


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Also by Jeff:

Soft Silence |

Protest At An American Petrol Station

The sky was that hazy grey you get
right after bonfire night; a chemical vat.
Riot police had already assembled 
by the time we arrived.
My uncle and I, and my girlfriend at the time
had travelled from Waterford to
Shannon airport, the Great American 
Petrol Station, a pit stop for planes
on their merry way to war,
to Baghdad (Kabul was still in the sun) and
places the world had yet to h...

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Also by Kealan Coady:

When Bees Make Honey In A Goat's Skull | Abilify | Cold Cup | Notes On A Soiled Mattress |

Sad Thoughts

we shared our fears
our ambitions 
how we felt about love

in a world this cold
it's hard not to feel so alone

paranoia finally got the best of me
she knows i wont rest in peace
we always knew this day would come 
a fate filled with grief

id give anything 
to hear you say goodbye
one more time

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To my Anxiety

Why do you always tear at me,

like claws removing flesh?

Yet hide behind the guise of help

like you're putting "lies" to death?

We both know you're the liar,

the accuser and the fraud.

Falsifying honesty and truth -

playing at god.

I've never heard a good thing from you,

you've only ever held me back;

put me down, picked me apart,

acquainted me with what I lack.


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August 9, 1995

August 9, 1995



a haunting road stretched ahead, lit only by the dim headlights of the truck. she wished that there were more people on the road, something to keep her mind busy. the radio played hymns quietly in the background as a deer flashed across the road -unnoticed; as rain trickled on the unmoving wipers; a baby on board sticker on the bed began to peel away; clouds covered the...

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Also by Tia Lattanzio:

Paper Dance | Crytallized Ginger and Eskimo Kisses | Made of These | Split Pea Soup | Pinup Girl | A Criminal Mind | "I" |

torquemada downtime (11/06/2017)

The warm waxon wood of tables
Lined in Heroes' hallways, notched
by us:
Hatchet traders,
Toothless Raiders
Deserter hellhounds chasing sunsets
Roping and reigning 
Cheating and feigning 
Silverfang'd denizens of dives and drag shows
Wrangled beneath
The white hot board of kinship
growing like mould in spaces 
secret and sacred, sold sages
sharing scar and syringe, rattling cag...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

benkei autocannibal (11/11/2017) |


underdog world strike warrior poets


Sanding in the shower

Thinking of my woes

Comtemplating life

Water circling my toes


Washing only take a minute

Thoughts and dreams much longer

I love this time for me

It makes me feel much stronger


A knock at the door

Breaks me from my reverie

"Mum, are you done yet?"

Ah, back to reality

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Also by Jenny Kelly:

Superpower |

Waddell Creek Beach, California, USA


Fiery bronze

and copper-white cliffs rise


against the mighty

oCean blue


Black granite sentinels stand

in anxious waters


in austere pose


Restless and daring

the waters thrash

amid rock

sand and stone

whetting a wilted past


Blankets of worn bells

cling tightly to the black

clay bedrock

in the shadow of towerin...

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the woods where i can blast my music              

and problems away.Where no one can              

destroy  me from being me.Where i can             

have parties and not get in trouble.Where           

i can take a walk and never get lost.Where           

i can feel the fresh air and hear the silence

thats never there.The woods where i can

stay up and n...

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Also by anon-ymous girl:

monster | a mini monologue | I am | smile | no one sees | I hope. I want. I remember. |




entry picture


Apply one drop,

if humble is the desired adjustment.

Two compounding the voodoo charm of this magical elixir!

WARNING. Do not apply under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Doing so may effect your ability to operate heavy emotions.

If this occurs induce seclusion and call your lifeline.

Read Product information sheet enclosed in packaging bef...

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I stretch

I stretch some more

sprawling over my bed

caressing the cold sheets beside me


A weight sits on my chest.

The pang of my solitude,

visiting me in the silent hours of the morning


I bring your blanket closer to my chest,

Sucking in your smell,

Breathing the pores of you.


It’s started to fade now.

The staleness and the dust has set in.

Time ...

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Night Work - Launch

entry picture

Hi all, some of you may remember I was planning to pull together a collection of my poems written over the last 10 years.  Well after doing that the sympathetic people at Palewell Press have decided to publish the collection this December.

The poems are night themed, either written at night or about the night. 

While it's not a giant literary event it's an exciting opportunity and I owe a lo...

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Inauguration Day


A round on me since all of the faint pain is about to cave soon like it's coal,

All voices awash in a sea in the same way that sound waves boom in a bowl,

I can say to them now though, let's go ride for an evasion,

I'm suited up and wearing my best bowtie for the occasion,

No umbrella or ruined method while the pitter patter of the rain sticks like a cosplay date,

Damn nothing ...

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Also by Big Sal:

Desert Sands | City of Stone in the Fire |

Please answer

Like every other divine, supernatural idea,
I would like to think you come on a chariot of black horses,
But you behold a hallow of sadness,
A shower of dripping tears,
You carve your way, out of the fear people hold,
You drink on those helpless minds and restless souls,
You knock like the wind and enter like the whirlpool,
On every step you play peekaboo,
On every turn you grip tight and ...

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for reparation in a time of disrepair

entry picture


when peace between nations thins

and the belonging to each other is almost forgotten

it is then that hope and painless dialogue must stand their ground.


If human kindness cannot be spoken or heard of

and distanced brothers allow hurt to separately weaponise

the spaces between them

silences raw and torn will become the Kings of ill reason.


When the integration of...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

taking a leaf from the book of animality | the allowance of breath is........ |

Let's Be Each Other

entry picture

Do you fancy a swap, a barter or deal.
Maybe some arrangement we can seal.
Stole my space, do you want to be me?
Do you think I'm lucky as I park for free?

Do you crave a blue badge in your name?
Do you want to swap well being for pain?
Maybe we should even go the whole way.
Let's be each other, and try that for a day.

Try my wheelchair for size, be my guest.
I can be you, with perfect he...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

The Robin | Secrets | Feeling Blessed |

To the moon and back

One of my favorite poets, F Scott Fitzgerald, once said 'there are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice'. And that's where we went wrong- where I went wrong, and I blame myself. It's hard to smile today. My whole being is just so sad. Lost. Empty. Lifeless. I've been trying to keep myself busy to get my mind off of you, but nothing helps. Even when I sleep, you're waiting...

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The Stolen Child

entry picture

I remember falling  as a child

And being lifted by a fairy-wild

She kissed my cheek and mussed my hair

And then she wasn’t there.


Some blind folk see the fairies clear

For faeries are always close or near.

Oh, better far than what we see

Are fairy wings that brush our faces

Like spiders’ webs or shimmering laces

Such magical, lovely, lonely things.

A rustle in the ...

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Also by John Marks:

Riding the Wind | Caillteanas buan de sonas | ALL SOULS' DAY |

Poem in Progress G

entry picture

The moon is crowning
and out the cloud
bright the sound erupts
a howl
a white hoot to the owl.
Many and undone we come

from underground
back around
to make you frown
You won't hear us
in the sand
our hearts fly high
we don't know how to land
we draw our lines blank
miles to climb
and mountains to run
check out the way
that dude swallows the sun
and the black rabbit
does run run ...

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Also by MyDystopiA:

My Muse | Once |


A little poem off the top of my head. Not edited, written v.fast. 


Why should we bother?
To think about the souls
who fought in WARS
when peace is our goal.

Why should we bother?
To find a hour to spare
To witness their support 
when we weren’t there

Why should we bother?
To think about the tears
Of all the men and women
who sacrificed their fears

We should alw...

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War; Rememberence

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