My Ray Of Sunshine

Here I go again
Explaining another quirk to some bullshit that happened years ago
I don't keep journals anymore
I hate writing in pen, normally
Someone always saw
Someone always spoke
I always saw some psych
So I never published under my own name
For fear of commitment
In a sense
And here I am
Ashamed of my behavior
Knowing how damaged I sound

"Considering the many things
That happened in your life
That's understandable"
Your voice stabilizes me
I'm now oddly aware of how tight my throat is
"I don't blame you
For hiding in fear
It's scary when you're not understood"
How am I so lucky to have you?
My cheeks feel hot
You don't expect me to heal right away
You never did, never do
So warm and patient
Healing and life giving
My ray of sunshine

Every day is a little brighter with you in my life

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Becky Sowray

Sun 26th Nov 2017 12:32

there's power in this Miranda - of remembering what certainty feels like - it's very lovely

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