Truth Of Our Love

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Yes this is very true for my husband he is the lighthouse in my storm that we whether together or try to overcome the things that has been placed in my life and that has affected our lives as husband and wife and he is my comfort when I need comforting and he is my light to guide me on my darkest shores that kept me away so far bay and as his love and wisdom and caring and support always guides me through the dark is ports he is my light that shines through every storm that has rocked our lives like a hurricane there is nothing that this man wouldn’t do to provide comfort to me just because he loves me the way he does which is unconditionally and the only way he could ever do and he is my shelter through the storm when it is rains as the rain, wind beats against the window pane outside storming he is always the light shining through to the brighter days ahead and he is my rock to my foundation that keeps me whole and together throughout all of the stormy weather and he has to know the way he guides and protects me still today and he will always be my bright shining lighthouse through all the stormy weather



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