Poor Little Rich Girl

'That little poor girl'
Its a phrase full of pity,
For a girl living away from the city
In the slums of a darkened village
She is like a silver in water-rusting more with age!
Her clumsy walk talks more of her ettiquets
Her torn up clothes shout of her budgets
The lack of shoes in her feet
Describe the way that she is completely beat!
But the smile on her face
That is shining like a lace
Shows her happiness
Is above the concept of wealth!
That sparkle in her eyes
Shine like starlight
Those stud free ears
Flinch a bit when she is in tears!
She carries the dignity of her father
On her head like a little tiara,
Because in her mind, the things that matter;
Are mostly unseen by the bare eyes of this fauna!
She is happy with what little she has
Even with such simplicity she never lets any happiness pass!
The slums of the darkened alley
Couldn't even touch the grace that she carries!
People say they should pity her
Have symapthy with her
But what they dont know
Is that in her mind
Being the 'poor little girl' doesnt matter
As long as she is 
The graceful princess of her father!!!
'Ooh the rich girl'
'I wish i could be like her'
People say that she is so fine,
But inside she is wishing she were dying!
Her expensive clothes hid her scars!
Her fractured spirits are masked by the display of her cars!
The 'jimmy choo' stilletoes help her have an excuse
To explain to people why did she stumble!
Her 'ysl' clutch has got dents in it,
As she had nothing else to press when she was dying in agony!
The pearls around her neck,
Shine like stars gathered around
They hide her actual tortured wreck,
And keep her from falling to the ground!
The things she buy
Are just a disguise
To tell the world that she is happy!
In the universe where she craves for love,
Disappointingly, she settles for being a lonely little dove!
"Ooh that rich girl!" 
Thats what people say
But only she knows what she really is
Inside her heart, sadness is flourishing into a blaze, 
"Poor little rich girl" could there be a deeper phrase?!!!

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