I hate to start this with

“I’m sorry”, so it’s fortunate I didn’t,

For this unfortunate little sigh

Began with the second thing that I despise:



In any case, it’s sad to say,

I’ve been a pain of late.

Complaining, always feeling down,

Dragging you as well to drown

In sorrows that are not your own.


You see, I’m a toxin.

Not in the way you might imagine:

I don’t yell or kick or bite-

Rather, mine is sly and sleight;

A charming smile to steal your might.


Your life before me was sublime:

Think of all the people, your people,

Who’ve turned away

Simply to avoid my evil ways.

Without me they would have stayed.


Yes, it’s easy to say “no way”,

To brush away my silly fears.

To say it isn’t true,

But I’ve seen your eyes, so blue,

Yearning for a life I took from you.


But I’ve seen the pictures:

Your smile in your crowds of friends,

Your exes you’re too fond of to delete,

With whom I can’t compete-

Your happiness anything but discrete.


How can I say I love you

If I cannot set you free?

I don’t want to let you go,

But you’d be happier, I know,

In your world without my sorrow.


So I say to you,

“I love you”

And take that as you will.

Stay, and love me still,

Or free yourself and find your thrill.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 8th Nov 2017 11:58

I'm laughing - LAUGHING! An iron fist in a velvet glove! With well-constructed reasoning. And a bottom line. Well done, Tia.

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