I’m not even angry at you

And I never was

Confused, yes

Hurt, yes

Frustrated, yes, but from confusion

I can’t be angry with you

Or at you

But I am angry

I’m angry that I put my best effort

That I tried so hard

I’m angry that this happened again

My best was not good enough

I’m angry that I ignored the signs

Such small flags

Warning me from the beginning

You had always known

I’m still not angry with you

I am capable of the same evils

And to quote your favorite,

“You know, it’s funny…

When you look at someone

Through rose colored glasses,

All the red flags just

Look like flags.”

commitmentflagsheartbreakLovered flag

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Sidra Shahid

Tue 28th Nov 2017 13:56

Wow!! The last verse hit me right in the feels,
Best regards,

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