Cast Aside

Cast Aside

A woman cries for now she knows

Her love is unconditional

Weeping at the empty kitchen table

One, two, three in the morning

None are awake but her

Right hand reaches out to air

She wails

“There was no choice to make!”

Yet she always knew, in some way

Either too much to handle

Or not enough

But always cast aside


Anger will not manifest

Her love is too strong

Comfort from lovers help

Lovers who have hurt her

Lovers who worked with her

Lovers who enlightened

Time and patience

Unconditional, remember

Forgiveness is easy

With them, she was finally feeling happy


Even now, she knows how weak she is

Broken hearted, once more

Forever hopeful that the

Pieces that crumbled

Will return so once more

Their hearts will be whole


A woman cries for now she knows

She is an arbitrary choice.

cast asideheartbreakheartbrokenlovecrylate nightdepressionbipolaradhdpolyamorouspolyamorychoiceschanceheartarbitrary

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