The Robin

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A Robin sits on roses blue.
A special sign just for you.
That Robin never flew away.
He was special for today.

A promise heard up above.
A sign to send, one of love.
That sign was duly sent.
By your side, time he spent.

Every Robin that you see.
Flying up high tree to tree.
Think of them time to time.
Might one be a special sign?

Signs like that must be true.
That Robin had a job to do.
So special from all the rest.
This one was Heaven blessed.

A bird that flew from a far.
Passed many a Moon and star
A visit only short but sweet.
Here for Bobby's Mum to greet.

Bobby's Mum was told in advance a Robin would visit her as a sign from her son, the Robin duly appeared at the Cemetary, this was the picture his Mum took.

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Big Sal

Sat 9th Dec 2017 19:01

Great imagery for a subject such as this. Blue eggs, blue birds, blue roses, blue skies, everything fits together so well. Great poem.

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