My Ocean (S)

A Tumblr picture; my first bikini

In the ocean

I had been so proud, disabled and beautiful

That's when you saw my shine

You reached out like a moth to a flame

Too fast, my love, too fast

One makes mistakes

when no one hesitates

Oh how much you have grown my love

Not only have you become the man I saw all along

You have become the man you have always wanted to be

I am so proud of you

My Ocean

My Sea

Staring up at the black sky

watching the clouds part

and seeing your star shine once more

It is because of you, my current

You have kept me here

Thank you for not giving up on me

Thank you for holding me as I cried

Thank you for loving meĀ 

and even more so for loving me because I love others as well

I knew you were there

I found you

My Stephen


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