Talking Eyes


By Fred Varden


Each time those sparkling emeralds are observed a different story

unfolds before me.

  Unfolding before me a different story.


A tale of intrigue today perhaps

or mystery tomorrow?

Brow furled or unfurled, eyeliner or eye

shadow, to disguise truths hidden within?

     Disguised within are hidden truths  


There are days when the real personality peeps through eyes so beautiful

But on other occasions proffering sadness and sympathy, but without asking or giving indication, just transparent human nature.

        Human nature can be transparent 


To enquire as to her state of mind or body would endanger any true friendship one feels, silence is therefore indeed golden in situations of a most delicate nature, and in any case, to upset this dream maker would be incorrect, as well as underserved.

Yes very much so

          Incorrect and undeserved 


I will continue to gaze covertly into those twin lakes of Caribbean amber, pools of inscrutable mystique lying within.

Lying within is an inscrutable mystique 


Offering her respect and admiration by not reacting or crossing the line of friendship

  A friendship line should not be crossed


Even if one inappropriate word were uttered in genuine flattering fashion

It could be an unrecoverable situation 

Therefore, let her eyes continue to talk and excite me

Excite and talk, talk and excite

        her eyes excite

             her eyes excite




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Kayleigh Denton

Wed 29th Nov 2017 11:27

You are more than welcome!

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Fred Varden

Wed 29th Nov 2017 11:11

Oh thank you so much Kayleigh, yes life and it’s people are fascinating. It’s actually based on someone I know whom the moment I met them her eyes told me there was pain, and there was I discovered. The rest of it is ‘fictional’ but you have worked out that I deliberately wanted to draw others in to a concept that we all have to admit we experience. I definitely think you are on a similar wavelength, although I do write some comedy pieces to cheer myself, and hopefully others up. Don’t apologise for your lovely comments

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Kayleigh Denton

Wed 29th Nov 2017 02:25

I have to say Fred, I adore this piece. Your writing truly is a thing of beauty, and your talent is undeniable.

I specifically enjoy how alongside the air of romance flowing through this poem, there is also an undertone of suspense. It keeps the reader wanting more, wondering, as if it were the beginning of a novel or the like.

The repitition within the last few lines, when read aloud, sound almost as if one were falling into a dream-like state. Which to me is a wonderful thing, as it beautifully portrays the notion of finding a person's eyes so captivating that one finds themself "lost in" them.

Apologies for the long comment, I felt compelled to divulge my appreciation for your writing.
Your words are astounding.

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