From myself to Jane Austen

Dear Ms. Austen!
Tell me where in the world did you get a mind so beautiful as to portray a character and make it immortal?!
So amazing, that I am spell bound by their fear, relief, anger and chortle!
Was it the luxuriantly flourished poising greenery of the land you walked on?
Or was it the sound of water gushing in streams, or the kiss of the sun to the clouds at dawn?
From Mr. Darcy's cloudy pride hiding his chivalry to Elizabeth's cheerful laughter masking her pain,
You have painted every character in full detail enough to make a normal man go insane!
Tell me, what kind of men did you surround yourself with?
Was Mr. Darcy actually real or is he just a myth?
Tell me, were you Anne? Or Mary? Or Lizzy? Or Emma?
Why are such fictional characters turning my thoughts to a dilemma?
Tell me what inspired you to make Captain Wentworth so dreamy?
That he has become all three wishes I would ask of the genie!
Dear Ms. Austen!
I have to tell you that your mind seems to me like a wild jungle of thoughts with trees of desparate and hopeful agony and love,
But how come the wolves and tigers of depression and desdain never fainted the charming songs of your dove?
I sat on a park bench and saw a girl reading 'Pride and Prejudice'
And I almost fought with her when she said she had, for herself only, my lovely Mr. Darcy!
I can only wish to be like you, thats all I have to say,
To see two girls fighting over the hero of my book, one day!
I can only wish to be as inspiring as you,
And to give hope to a lost soul by giving her something good to read to!!!

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