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To Poets, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newman, Sorry, James

Where starts

this obsession?

Surrounded by words, lines,

How can one just explain all these




Under Milk Wood,

Or Armitage, perhaps.

At school with War poets, Shakespeare,




prose with the late,

Great Brautigan. Hearing

McMillan's radio programme,

The Verb.



poetry’s Peel?

Does poetry's appeal


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Rose Tips/Undesired Destination

On my facebook page I've been posting one or more senryu or cinquain each day of November. I like the forms, and the regular deadline has proved good in focusing my concentration. If you'd like to see, message me.

Rose Tips

Garden roses rose;

Testament to nourishment

and annual cuts.


Undesired Destination

Fast car,

Nowhere to run.

Long roads and hopelessness;

Not lo...

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On a trip, away from the normal Normans,
Behind me, two noisy transport links.
The low rumble of a dual carriageway,
And the long, cutting swish of high speed trains.

Ahead, canals. Grand Union,
A railroad of a different kind.
No many in sight enjoying the late morning sights,
Those that are contemplating how things change.
On a bank, near a wood, along the canal.

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Spray and Chase: A Detective Narrative, Apologies to Richard Brautigan

See C Card, the seasoned hack,

Chasing insects around with a little sack.

What drove the down-at-heel gumshoe

to such an endeavour, you may ask,

Well, what other reason is there than

because it is C Card, of course.


It would all unfold like a badly ironed shirt.

On a dusty, dusky night late in September, 1953,

C Card had been reduced

to guarding empty cups in dinner...

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long poems

Ferguson’s Formulaic Form

In this little box no bird can fly,

Where all children doomed to die

will cry and cry and cry and cry.


Put walls up around your thoughts,

Collect everything over which we fought

with deeds and cheese and forks.


Close the windows and doors tight,

Clatter down shutters to allow no light

to touch upon our subject’s flight.


Tether the animals, subdue the fires...

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Belly fire

Five Bats

At dusk,

Screaming louder

than you can hear; dancers,

Jauntily in the air, catching



You will

see-not-see us

flying, sounding out our prey.

Food for furry tummy eats, treats.



Back at

our habitats,

We hang out together,

Chatting though tired; upside down



Look out

for us with care,

We will be there flying.


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Batscinquain form

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