The Humble Heart of the Craftsman

I have always hankered after the life of the artist - including the world of the visual arts. In retirement I have the opportunity to follow that yearning.


The Humble Heart of the Craftsman


As corruption sheds its sting when seen

from lofty heights,

so humility shows its mettle

in the steady care of the gifted creator;

turning one's gaze from skilled hands

to the thing created,

its blithe existence witness

to the power within the sculptor's sinews,

or the miraculous spark of life in the hooded eyes

of a Tuareg nomad's pencil portrait, each

a gift of the artist's knowing mark,

calling forth a carnate being

from lines on paper, or chiselled stone.


Pleas for understanding fade quickly

on the lips of the humble craftsman,

leaving mere hope of recognition

for his gentle grip and honest eyes;

freed from hubris to celebrate daily mysteries

in a lifetime of joy.


Chris Hubbard




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