An undervalued courage

It takes a daring woman to see the strength
of remaining soft in a hard world.
To love like you've never been hurt,
when your heart has been broken many times.
The greatest act of bravery is to recognize that
loving someone makes you vulnerable,
but refusing to stop.
To be courageous enough
to look that vulnerability in the face and say
"I will not back down,
no matter how many times you...

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courageinner strength

To my Anxiety

Why do you always tear at me,

like claws removing flesh?

Yet hide behind the guise of help

like you're putting "lies" to death?

We both know you're the liar,

the accuser and the fraud.

Falsifying honesty and truth -

playing at god.

I've never heard a good thing from you,

you've only ever held me back;

put me down, picked me apart,

acquainted me with what I lack.


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Three Wishes

If I had three wishes, I'd wish the whole world blind.

That poverty and hunger befall all of humankind.

That every creature lose the thing their heart adores the most.

That every strength and skill be taken so no mouth can try to boast.

I'd bid each individual be lost - a lonely, yearning soul.

That every body be taken ill, let diseases take their toll.

Let fires burn and floods ...

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Closed Windows

I've heard it said

that when it rains it pours;

but that when life closes a window,

it's to open up new doors.

And yet, in spite of what's ahead

I fear my heart's holding me back.

I do not wish to go through doors

when all I see is black.

The colors that I used to see

so vivid and so bright,

I now know are the cruelest lies

when brought into the light.

It seems ...

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