Bad Feelings

I used to love shopping in markets . It used to be good . A source of a bargain . A need to feel good . It used to be a place to head for . A chat a shopping spree . A place to feel free . Now it's a place where only eyes are seen . The blackness of their clothes  . Their faces never seen . It's like another world . You feel that it's not right . Feel that your not wanted . You feel you are intruding into a world that shouldn't be . No go areas creeping in all over . The calling to the Mosk Just look over your shoulder . Interbreeding is Ripe . Dodgy Deals morning and night . A world of Deciet . A lifetime of change . You know it doesn't feel right .

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kJ Walker

Sat 11th Nov 2017 07:43

Hi Wendy. You know that i like the work that you do about protecting children. And i often leave a comment or click the like button on these pieces.
But I'm sorry to say, some of your other stuff doesn't sit comfortably with me. This one I'm afraid smacks of islamaphobia. I know that you have taken children in from all backgrounds, and i don't know the back story of some of these kids. Perhaps they come from all faiths (there's good and bad in everyone).
Sorry to be negative, especially knowing all the good work that you do, but i wouldn't be true to myself if i didn't say.


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