Dear God!

Dear God!
I know we have had issues with each other lately,
I have been too away because, you too were distant seemingly,
But i was thinking, we should resolve it now,
Because more than ever, I need you by my side somehow!
I have been feeling shitty about myself now more than ever,
But i was hurt to see that you didn't come here to tell me to be clever,
I cursed every moment that I called out to you,
Only to find my own voice echoing, and not hearing anything from you!
Dear God!
Why don't you answer?
I may be a rotten egg,
A bad seed,
A deflated balloon,
A useless mantlepiece,
But don't you remember?
You made me!!!
There must have been something in your mind,
Just show me that something...
I am tired and battered and i can hardly breath,
Its like everything i knew is going out of my reach,
You say you love me more than my mother,
Then why does my heart says that you don't even bother,
How much i suffer???
My life was already hanging by a thread,
The string of strength that helped me keep a steady tread,
But now it is breaking and my legs have started shaking,
I am too pained to look up, but why is it taking,
Too long for you to give me a hand???
Why are you waiting for the last minute to catch me?
Or will you even catch me then?
Dear God!
I think you are angry with me,
But the thing that i dont see,
Is the reason why,
You don't acknowledge how much i cry,
What do you want me to do?
Tell me, i will cross oceans for you!
To gain you back,
To have atleast one shred of faith in my hands,
To get me through the rough days!!
I am telling you, i will be what you want,
Just give me a glimpse that this is just a test!
That this is not your anger,
Your wrath...
For once, open the door to your asgard,
For once, hear what i have to say,
Please be the God i once believed in,
And don't leave me here alone, to be slayed!
I am tired of running and i am sick of hurting,
Give me your shelter and wipe the tears that are still dripping,
I am your creation,
You cant take this one lable away from me,
I have your light inside me,
You have to brighten it so everyone else can see
That these blasphemous thoughts are only love!!!
Love that is now cracked and broken,
Love that needs one more proof,
Love that needs to be acknowledged by the loved one,
Love that is now tired of knocking...
Just claim me once more!
Hold me tight in your arms and dont let go!
Like a lover in the darks of night,
Like a mother bird holds her little one before its first flight,
Dont let my plea go unanswered,
Or tell me to go away once and for all!
I want to talk to you at night,
When the moon is in its full bright,
I want to tell you about my days while resting my head in your lap,
And i want you to brush my hair with your fingers while you listen to my stories,
Like two lovers,
Lost in the dark,
Illuminated by their own light coming from within,
Caring less about the world that is sleeping, finding salvation in each other's beings!
I want to be able to fight with you,
But only to come back to you at night,
And i want you to fight for me,
Only to hold me in your arms, tight!
Be the Rumi to my Shams,
Be the sun to my flower,
Be the leaf to my worm,
Be the diamond to my tiara...
And i know these are human examples,
But thats all i am...
And i cant take your indifference anymore!
So give me more...
More than i ask for,
More than i deserve,
Or take everything away,
Take this soul and ease the pain,
Just do something!!!

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Sidra Shahid

Sat 11th Nov 2017 16:32

Thank you for the appreciation Kealan. And you are right, a final proof does sound better. I hope I become a better poet to relate to many other people as well.
Best wishes,

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kealan coady

Sat 11th Nov 2017 08:03

A beautifully 'aimed' piece. I empathise with the sentiment. A good read. The only thing I'd change is 'love that needs one more proof' to 'love that needs a final proof' I think it might add a bit of urgency to the piece. Well written.

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