Gradual Descent in Life

Wasn't life easier when I was a bit younger! Someone else made my hair and even the sun shinned a bit brighter!! The most heartbreaking thing was my brother eating my chocolate, And the happiest moment was to drink coke in my favourite goblet! Things were a lot simpler when life was black n white, Good and bad were the only things I needed to understand before taking flight... The heart melting relief I had when i saw Tom catching Jerry, The hillarious laugh we all had, trying to imitate the movements of a jelly...! The only competition was to be taller than the others, Conquering the world was just in beating, in a game of arm wrestling, with my brother! The hardest thing was to pick up the cookie jar from the top cabinet, And even that was made easier when someone picked me up higher...! The thrilling excitement was in watching Beyblades on the edge of my seat, And feeling my heart race, as they said "let it rip!" I always felt sad when I couldn't understand Dora's spanish, But felt ridiculously strong, seeing Popoye eating his spinach! Things were easier when my hair was shorter, And every necessity could be bought with a quarter! The faking of sleep on the couch was my favourite thing, So that I would be carried to bed, in my dad's arm's swing! Life was as simple as colouring a black and white picture, And the unlimited happiness of getting a gold star on the knuckles!!! But now...!!!! Things have changed... I have grown older and now make my own hair, Even the sun doesn't seem to shine that brighter...! The chocolate, well I know now that it is always best to share, My favourite goblet is now broken and no one seems to care! Things are no longer black or white, Good or bad, right or wrong, complications have taken over every fight!!! The Tom n Jerry show no longer airs on my telly, Everything seems different, even the taste of that strawberry jelly!! The world that used to be under my feet, well it's now way over my head, My brother has moved away so I can't even have a fight of strength...! The cookie jar is still in the same cabinet, I can now reach it with my own bare hands, But i don't want to...! God knows the sweetness in the cookies was when someone else led it to my mouth... So now even the same old cookie jar, sitting in the cabinet has gone far south!!! The beyblades have broken, Dora has lost her monkey! And Popoye looks stupid, cuz well, spinach? It tastes bittery!! Now I can't fill colours in the blank sheets of paper, Cuz I know life doesn't work this way, the colours always fade away!! Things were a lot simpler when I was younger, And someone else was incharge of my wildly tousled hair!!!


◄ "You're so lucky" they say!

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Sidra Shahid

Fri 8th Dec 2017 11:08

Thank you so much Jon, your comment meant a lot more than I can express. I hope I can become better in the future.
Best regards,

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Mon 20th Nov 2017 11:27

Hi Sidra
So much to love in Gradual Descent. The simplicity of youth melts away and here we are, adults but lacking the optimism and fun we once had. 'Life doesn't work this way, the colours always fade away'
Loved this !

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