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To the sun, we are veiled

It's the moon that sees our face.

Concealed, deep in every soul

Is a part of us; we deny to embrace!

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Forever Gone

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the sun

With her wings.



A thousand times

He was never to be seen!!



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Broken heartsdeserted lovelovers

Maiden Flight

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On her maiden flight

From the eyrie to the Castle's Delight,

Far beyond the tiny hills;

Far beyond she had ever been.

Soaring high till the sky turned black, gliding

Across the land, never to return back!

And then, 

She could smell it, all of a sudden!

Delicious carrion of the Castle's Delight.

She opened her eyes to her mother's tale,


Her little beak ga...

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eagleFirst flightsoar

Black And White

A hundred thoughts in my mind

Yet struggling to pen down some lines.

There is this rainbow, all over me;

But I am all white

Just being black and white.


Bullet is cheaper than love;

Tears wiping away smiles.

Death winning over life;

But I am alright, 

Just being black and white.


A hundred arrows pierced my heart;

Haven't split a pint of blood, yet


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black and whitelosspainrainbowrosewar

Destined to succeed

I have no reasons to stop, no reasons to halt,
I have no reasons to cry over my fault.

I have no reason to fear, ah! no depression;
I have no reasons to regret
Or betray my passion.

Life often puts me in a hell,
Yet I find a grace,
When it pushes me unto heaven
I don't lose my face.

I might have got no respect
Not a penny fame.
Yet I am not without a critic
Nor without a dirty name...

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