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Frost Bitten Stooge

What should I take with me to winter?

The warmth of your cheeks or the ice in your veins?

Through Cold hearts

Flow cold stares

When cruel intentions were small embers crying for life

Everyone of your kisses fuelled its flames

At every touch a chill

At every intersection I assessed this impasse

Masked as a self inflicted wound

Bombarded by over valued assumptions

I cav...

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Stockholm Syndrome

New lipstick stains on old memories

Carnivorous with your intentions

Helpless in evading you

Chained to my ever changing emotions

Old scars in new places

Dancing alone in the trenches

At war with me, at war with you

Warring with the idea of us

Gorging on the flesh of what should have been

Yet never filled with my lust for vengeance

I seek

Recompense for a shattered...

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Still at shore with the weight of gaffes around my dreams

Afraid to set a course

At odds with all but how it seems

Perception sits on the thrown of what is

What is not cannot stand to the claims of what should be

With demise almost a certainty

Almost - becomes the theme that moves me

Fastened to procrastination

Circumventing the truth

Giving ear to assumptions

Off the...

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Grey Skies

Shades of grey paint happy faces on my thoughts

As the cool breeze sets my mind on chill

Flashes of light brightens the beyond

If only for a moment

And that moment sits and simmers for a lifetime


I’m at the most calm when there’s rain drops

When everything else slows down

And the dust in the air dissipates

Senses are charmed by those rain drops

Inhibitions lose thei...

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Wishful Thinking

Does hope sleep within your walls?

Is the dessert a blank canvas or a wasteland in your eyes?

Is there a greater height achieved after a fall?

Can there be any truth found within a lie?

Empty streets speak words of wisdom

There’s just no-one around to listen

What you can’t see after the crowds are gone

Are the footsteps of wishful thinking

She said to be strong

I gave a ...

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I Dream of Summer

Mindless frolics debating the paths our hearts should travel

Then a touch becomes a prison

Wondering off to lands uncharted

Peach pony tails impair ones vision

Found myself counting the strands of her hair

No concern for the sum of the total

I knew the task could take forever

Wanted forever to be the destination

Consorting with great expectations the reach of her smile


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You are

The most beautiful sight I have ever witnessed

The picture painters speak of in their dreams

Sculpted by the hands of God

Created to be adorned

You are

Soft and calm

Yet the winds howl in your silence

Kings are birthed through your pain

Conquerors nurtured in your arms

You are

Not this drunken hag spewing refuse

Nor the hound boys perceive you to be


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Cold Hearted Persuasion

A severed artery blissfully glowing with crimson stare

Emptied of all but memories, scarred by dreams embalmed with fear

Held the wind in my hand but have I?

Have I held the wind in my hands?

Gave a kiss to a corpse

A cold embrace defines you

Beguiled by the ocean scent

Buried in the sand are my hopes for an indigo sky

As for the remains of a broken soul

Somewhere beneat...

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Hourglass Appraisal

What was once a beautiful thing is now empty

I should have taken hold of what we had

But was too young to see beyond myself

What use to be a vivid and deep conversation becomes small talk

Just passing the time

You still know what buttons to push

I just think I do

It’s been years and your fingerprints are still on my heart

The more I try to get away

The harder it becomes ...

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Love Note #3

In the mood for

Something pink and lacey with matching top

Whip cream covered lips with caramel all down your chin

Salivating – about to – dig into

Sweet honeydew nectar drizzled ever so slowly

And ever so graciously

Marinating my taste buds to an explosion  

Fusing with every last bit of my senses

And propelling me to the very peak of

“I think I just lost my mind”


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Void of mystery

Honest in its splendor

Hypnotic by nature

Captivating at its core


Every line that your surface acquires

Becomes a gem worthy of preservation

Created to be desired

Every flaw portrays perfection


Soft and inviting

Complex yet simplistic

Molded to be adored

Clothed to be devoured


Every line that your surface acquires

Becomes a gem ...

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New Beginnings

Liquor can’t drown my sorrows

Liquor can’t dead my fears

Liquor can’t make this lonely nights

And shattered dreams disappear into the sunrise

Liquor took everything from me

Now I only dream of being drunk to lose myself

Into a past life where I hid from reality

Was afraid of confronting my demons so I hid

Till I had no other choice but to fight

Now I whimper at the thoug...

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Why is my heart indigo?

What could have been became what could have been

All else failed and crimson became me

Was not acquainted with lost before I meet you.

Could not imagine this disdain that inhabits me before I lost you

Felt your warmth from her warmth

Kissed your cheeks through her skin

You gave me life then lost yours living me at indigo

Living me at this cold empty ...

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Gray sky in mid December
She said that it's been raining and cold
 in her heart since you entered
You took my smile from me
You clothed with lies what should have been our Haven
Now the roof is caving in
I am dying from wanting you
My heart grew frozen hating you
These wall were built to keep you out
Now no one can get in
Now no one can find me 
I have imprisoned m...

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Sway to the winds

Hoover over the plains of unwritten avenues

Brush away all misconceptions

Death to ifs and maybes

Lay with me in this tornado gliding to the designated mark that is love

Dance with me

Join me in my pursuit of truth

My pursuit of us

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Dancingtouchingholdingwalking withconnecting

Women lie

Synonymous with vulgarity
No filters from thoughts to words
No impediments when set a course
Your very existence should be a verb  

And she
She never lies-unless you want her to
Does not divulge 
Who she is 
She becomes whomever you want her to
And women lie

Be she-She doesn’t, 
A lost for word she isn’t
Cold to your advances
Unflinching at your demands
A twister of words and cir...

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That crazy friendrelationshipsthat one chick


Sway to the winds

Hoover over the plains of unwritten avenues

Brush away all misconceptions

Death to ifs and maybes

Lay with me in this tornado gliding to the designated mark that is love

Dance with me

Join me in my pursuit of you…of us

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