The Rat Race

The Rat Race


I am spun like a spinning top

my vision blurred almost to blindness

I hear nothing but the whir of the top

I am overcome with a sense of nausea

I beg for it to stop and set me free


In time the revolutions lessen

some vision is restored

Then I am still, unsteady, off balance

as I focus on my surroundings

Anxiety and the need to lie down

overcome is all I feel


The spinning top is ubiquitous

it consumes and holds us fast

When released we are disorientated

unable to concentrate or focus

attention spans are diminished


The mouse on the treadmill

is similarly caught in his spinning top

When released he is good for nothing

There can be no recreation or creative pursuit

Even appetite is gone


We have come close to insanity

to losing our identity

and purpose in life


We are in the cauldron of self destruction

encased in the final spin

where quality of life is cast aside

We can only be productive in the spinning top

beyond that hope of more 

has been abandoned

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keith jeffries

Sun 5th Nov 2017 14:29

Aaishah, Thank you for your comment. Keith

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keith jeffries

Sun 5th Nov 2017 09:34

Colin, David and Desmond, thank you for your comments on The Rat Race. They are much appreciated. Keith

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