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An eye opener

A journey through wilderness,

I emerged from the shadows .

Leading to a new world ,

Of love , life and living .


An unknown comfort ,

Of sound,touch and sight .

Unknown emotions ,

Of possessiveness,  dependence and satiation .


Flying high with new light, 

In your hand is mine. 

A smiles that never ceases 

With you by my side .


When with you,

I n...

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Broken shells

Guarded and cocooned was I,

In a shell , believed to be built in stone .

Years of shelter from the warmth 

And distances from hearts ,

Had indeed induced a chillness soaked within .


He broke the shell, as if it were of thin air ,

His enthusiasm made me lie bare .

Apprehension and disbelief lasted a while ,

But, the excitement of a whole new world at my feet ,

And  t...

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Locked and rusted

The tears were locked and not dried ,

The fears were beneath a pile of smiles,

The cries were muted and not lost 

The miles were all in the mind .


Agony and helplessness are wedded in bliss

Grief and a laugh are a paradox in this 

neighbours seem asleep 

darkness seems awake .


Grief is at the doorstep ,prepped in finery 

open the rusted locks of the revelry 


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Gardens of reality

A day in paradise ....

A slip of the foot ,

A cry for help ,

A shoulder to fall back on .


All it took was a stroke of magic ,

Again ,to see the stars twinkle ,

Again ,to experience the world in technicolor,

It was ,but a dream !!


Lightening struck with thunder ,

Eyes clapped shut ,opened with a jolt ,

It was an entry to pandora s box !

It was an entry to ...

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To stand up

Stay strong , be brave, what do they mean?

Pass the phase,  swim the tide? 

Crack a smile,  sting within? 

Or rant a mile, glee within?  


Distressed,  unrest all a game,

Jealousy,  vendetta all are fair, 

They strip you bare, 

And shame yourselves ,Naivety, a novelty! !


Parasites multiply,  leaving you cold ,

Treacherous and cold, taliban galore.

Stay the gr...

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I tap,I knock, I bang,

The door remains unanswered.

I whisper, I talk, I scream .

My words go unheard.


As deaf as the sun is dark,

As blind as the stars are faded.

Am as helpless as water contained,

Am as committed as river to sea.


My mind is tied,

My lips are sealed .

I hope for forces of nature to be seen, 

I hope for sounds of life to be heard.

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