The Young

The Young


To treat a child as an adult

is eminently sensible

the height of being responsible

To speak down to a child 

engenders a demeaning

bereft of sense or meaning

To enable them to grow

the more they need to know

Don´t insult the intellect of the young

they are as yet unsung

Engage them and converse

otherwise they will go in reverse

Take them along with you

and introduce them too

Give them their dignity and worth

and they will be down to earth

Treat them like a child

and they could turn out wild

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Tue 14th Nov 2017 00:09

Words to live by. Was a pleasure to read 😃

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keith jeffries

Sat 4th Nov 2017 13:15

Kevin, you are right in your assessment, I should have been more specific and used the word youth so as to avoid any misunderstanding that I was referring to children, Thank you as always for your comment. As a teenager I was always disregarded as being ´unable to understand´. This demeaned me terribly. Thanks again. Keith

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kJ Walker

Sat 4th Nov 2017 11:46

hi Keith
on first read of this I was inclined to disagree (sorry), but I suppose it depends on which age group you refer to as "the young". personally I believe you should talk to children in language and using content appropriate to their age.
Kids grow up too quickly these days, and talking to them as adults before they are ready only accelerates this.
I'd go completely the opposite way, and say be careful what you say in front of children. their ears pick up more than you think.
If by "the young" you meant teenagers, then I am in total agreement.
The poem read nicely, just like I'd expect from one of yours, and was laced with (sage-like) words of wisdom.

Cheers Kevin

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Philip Stevens

Fri 3rd Nov 2017 23:20

Nurture cherish rise the young

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