I am the skipped needle on records
Screeching nails on chalkboards
I have come to turn tables and pull rugs
To add weight to shoulders so they no longer shrug
I have come to disturb your peace
To whip money changers till they run and gnash teeth
I have come to tell little kids that santa ain't real
The easter bunny's pagan
The new year is really in March
And halloween is a satanic holiday
If celebrate it you playin wit evil
I came to tell you she been faking it everytime
And that that hot freestyle was really a written rhyme
And, hey guess what, it's really just tap water
Filled with fluoride and chlorine 
You just paying for the label and the bottle
I came to tell you He's been sneaking in your kids room for years
And to tell everyone else that you already knew, you got eyes, you got ears
I came to make you squirm and feel exposed
I came to make you uncomfortable because Lord, Lord knows
That we have settled for settling
And been vegin out for decades
While young sisters are kidnapped and forced to be sex slaves
And young brothers being shot by wicked, crooked cops
And if we remain seated ain't none of it gone stop
I mean to shame you and make you think different
To be a thought that nags your mind and is there to stay with both feet dug in
We tell people stay woke but if they sleeping someone must ring the alarm
And you must do that with loud, shrieking menacing words 
And it may hurt but it ain't gon do no harm
So get up! 
Stand up!
I speak plain words about work that needs doin
God bless you, goodnight
I hope your day has been ruined

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