The GOD  APP is very comforting

for those who seek to find

covering topics for the otherwise blind

opening your eyes to the wonder of LIFE

as it tries to keep up with discoveries

such as this new app


simply download online


select your harmonic colour

(favourite) for screen compatability

and empathy maximisation


GOD will speak with you direct

choirs of angels will accompany you

to paradise and unfathomable bliss

simply download this 


Go deeper 

soon to be upgraded to GOD APP 2.



🌷 (3)




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Sun 19th Nov 2017 22:15

A solemn reminder that we're not out of the woods yet David. The app would have taken care of all that obviously with super downloads and a bit of pre destiny thrown in. If only I were a salesmen . Try the Wolsey sub app too!


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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 19th Nov 2017 21:38

Hello Ray,

You do know religions have upgrades don't you Ray, they call them reformations.

Henry VIII was upgrading religions with new Apps long before AI was a twinkle in a robots cock.

Bring back the Old Testament that's what I say, proper fire and brimstone and death, none of this free love for all being nice to everyone, "love thy neighbour," Bollox!


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Sun 19th Nov 2017 20:11

The way I figure it is folks are already worshipping these damned critters - so I say shit or bust with the goddam things. Thanks Col and Suki and I also say a big thanks to David . God bless all of us (especially when we do the download).

Ray (slightly bonkers).

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suki spangles

Sun 19th Nov 2017 03:59

Hi there Ray,

Well, some believe that God is the ultimate AI..! And when 5g comes in we can have God-lite uploaded directly into our neural network.

Thanks for sharing!


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Colin Hill

Sat 18th Nov 2017 20:22

thank you

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